How to keep your inner child alive when you travel

For most people who travel, it is about discovering new places and understand new cultures. But what makes the experience truly unforgettable is the ability to keep your sense of amazement alive. It’s what psychologists call your inner child. It’s often said that you should watch the world through the eye of a child because you can continue to marvel about everything you see.

But, what this truly means is that you need to find beauty and magic in the most unexpected places – don’t worry, though, there is plenty of beauty in the world for those who know where to look. But one question remains, though: How do regular travelers maintain their sense of amazement?

Inner Child.png

What Is Your Inner Child?

Have you ever wondered what your inner child is like? Is he or she a creative fellow or a romantic one? In popular psychology, your inner child is a childlike you. It’s the concentration of everything you’ve seen and learned as a child. While it sounds a little complex, in truth, your inner child is the combination of your innocence, playfulness, and open-mindedness. As a result of growing up, most people choose to repress their inner child to act more mature. While this behaviour is essential in your professional career, you can relax in your everyday life and let your playful side out.

See Wonderful Places

Aurora Borealis

There are various ways to keep your inner child alive. One of them is to set for wonderful places that will mesmerize you. If you are looking for ideas, watching the Northern Lights opens for many people a magical door at the back of their mind. It reconnects them with the lost innocence and amazement of their childhood. Why not dive into a magical world and stay in a Lapland glass igloo where you can watch the beautiful Aurora Borealis paint the sky? Just lie on your back and let the peacefulness of a winter landscape soothe your worries while the colourful northern lights awake your soul. Your inner child will soon be on the way.

Travel With Wonderful People

Enjoying the beautiful world is a fantastic experience, but it is made even better if you share it with someone wonderful. Travelling with great people can help your inner child to find his or her way back to the world. Simply enjoy their smile and their generosity; their presence will help you to relax and drop the protective shield that life has built around your inner child. Wonderful people are easy to recognize: They can make anything look more beautiful than it is simply by being there.

Enjoy The Small Things In Life

You don’t need to break the bank to find beauty in the world. Your inner child is the side of you that gets naturally excited about new experiences. Let him or her out from time to time; you’ll enjoy it. Sometimes it could be as simple as watching the sunset or trying an exotic dish in a new location. The little things bring just as much joy as the big things. More importantly, they help you to cultivate your sense of amazement.

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  1. Very cool tips to keep the heart young. 🙂


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