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3 Top tips for life on the road

It takes guts to swap your hometown for life on the road.

You’re a born adventurer, which means you’re willing to swap the many comforts of home for a more meagre existence. You’re ready to explore new countries, discover new cultures and broaden your mind.

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How to choose the best travel camera

So, you’re super psyched for your next big trip and thinking of snapping some incredible photos. There’s only one problem, you don’t have a good camera. You’ve probably poked around a bit lot online searching for “the best camera for travel” but your best friend Google handed you with about 123,000,000 search results. For some, this could be one of the toughest decisions they will ever make in their life. There are literally millions of articles talking about the best cameras for beginners, backpacking and travel bloggers.

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