6 Ways to cope with travel burnout

I was perplexed, and a bit embarrassed when travel burnout struck me. Feeling exhausted seemed like failure. Here’s how I cope with it.

While “burnout” is a term frequently used concerning a job or school, it may also affect travelers. I can imagine what you’re thinking. 

“Travel? The thing we indulge in to unwind and get away from work.” 

Travel burnout may affect you far more quickly than most people realize. Therefore, it’s a reasonable question.

Take a moment to envision yourself embarking on your long-awaited dream adventure. Everything was meticulously prepared, including the well-balanced itinerary, the cozy and conveniently situated lodging, the highly-rated cafes, and the Instagram photos that would make your friends envious.

You take the vacation, and it’s fantastic. 

Suddenly, your drive to wander wanes.

You feel worn out, agitated, and irritated.

You become irritated and upset by local quirks that you formerly thought endearing.

You suddenly feel the need to spend the entire day in your room.

Those are symptoms of travel burnout.

woman having a travel burnout

Why Aren’t Travel Burnout Topics on Blogging Sites?

Why did travel tiredness catch me off guard if it’s so prevalent?

1) Very few people are capable of taking extended trips throughout the globe. As a result, there aren’t many people who can warn you.

2) Whining about excessive travel is akin to complaining about exorbitant privilege. Therefore, even if an individual has experienced it, they could feel bad about it just as I did.

3. Discussing the drawbacks of your pursuits, which may involve travel, is considered a bad form. People seldom ever post about the bad aspects of their lives.

4) Influencers and social media have exaggerated how dreamy and wonderful traveling is by ignoring the mistakes and disasters that can occur on every trip.

I was perplexed, and a bit embarrassed when travel burnout struck me. I had put a lot of effort into being able to embark on my ideal adventure, so feeling exhausted or wanting to quit seemed like failure.

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How to Prevent or Address Travel Burnout

  1. Take it easy. Instead of running around many locations again, take your time and enjoy each one. In our culture of rapid gratification, we occasionally neglect to take our time and cherish a few things rather than rushing through everything. Allow at least a week in destination if you’re on an extended trip.
  2. Plant temporary roots. Suppose a slower pace is unsuitable. Then, stop, at least for a while. Spend some time getting accustomed to being stationary in one area for a few weeks. Return to a beloved city or town and establish roots there. Establish a routine and take some time to recuperate.
  3. Alter your course. If you’ve been traveling with others, consider exploring on your own. If you’ve been alone for too long, consider forming a group. Get a private room if you’ve been staying in backpacking hostels for too long. And if you have spent too much time in the same area, it could be time to explore an entirely new culture and environment.
  4. Look for the ideal destination. Some places are better than others at promoting the general welfare. As you travel, having to continuously check your back, meals, taking medications, etc., might impact your sense of well-being and security. Think about going somewhere that could help you feel less stressed.
  5. Find support. Zooming with your family and friends back home is an excellent way to lift your spirit. As a nomadic traveler, it could assist you in developing your support network. You can also form or join groups with other long-term travelers or expats to exchange travel experiences and challenges.
  6. Head back home. If none of those options are successful, perhaps it’s time to return home. Always keep in mind that home is only a flight away. You may always travel again. Your mental health comes first.

Travel burnout may affect people in different ways and at different periods. Anyone may get worn out by frequently socializing with other people and exploring their cuisines, cultures, and attractions, especially if you’ve followed a consistent pattern for most of your life. If you experience the trip blues, remember to be thankful, acknowledge that your emotions are real, and make a change.

How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, staying healthy while on the go can be a struggle. Here are some tips for keeping fit when traveling.

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, staying healthy while on the go can be a struggle. Keeping fit on the road can be challenging. It’s easy to fall into old habits and eat unhealthily when constantly on the move. You might not have access to your usual gym, or in some instances, your hotel facilities might not have the equipment you need to keep up with your routine. It’s essential to find ways to keep active without compromising your health. Here are some tips for keeping fit when traveling.

Book accommodation with gym or pool facilities

If your travel plans include staying in a hotel, it’s worth checking out the facilities. Many hotels will have gym facilities for guests to use for free or a small fee. This varies depending on the hotel you are staying but if this isn’t an option, check out local amenities and see if you are in the vicinity of any gyms or pools you can pay to use for the duration of your trip.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Take a local exercise or sports class.

If you’re traveling to a new location, it’s worth checking to see if there are any exercise or sports classes you can take part in. You’ll want to find out if they are suitable for beginners, but participating in a local class is a great way to exercise while exploring the culture, such as china kung fu classes when visiting China. Some cities have sports leagues that welcome visitors. Again, you may begin at the bottom of the pecking order, but you’ll get plenty of exercise without leaving the hotel.

Walk as much as possible.

Regular walking is one of the simplest and easiest ways to stay fit while traveling. You don’t need any equipment, it’s free, and you can do it anywhere. You can walk in the city, parks, or the beach. You can even walk on board airplanes if you have space in the overhead compartment. If you’re staying in a city, walking from your accommodation to the local attractions is a great way to exercise while exploring the local culture. 

Use apps for quick, equipment-free workouts

You can still work out if you’re staying in a hotel room without access to a gym or pool. Plenty of apps provide a complete workout from the comfort of your hotel room. Some will even provide you with a virtual personal trainer. You can use these apps to keep your fitness routine even when traveling. It’s essential to be aware that your body may require more rest when traveling, so you may need to scale back your workout routine. 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Stay hydrated

Being hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy when traveling. This is especially important if you are traveling to a warmer climate and are exercising. For many people, it is preferable to stick to bottled water to avoid illnesses, depending on the county you are visiting. Still, for the most part, water is readily available in many areas. Take a refillable bottle with you to reuse when at work or working out.


Keeping fit is an essential part of staying healthy. It’s critical to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and take regular breaks from whatever you’re doing. While traveling, it can be challenging to fit in a workout, so you may need to be creative. With a bit of effort and creativity, you can keep fit while traveling.

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Some people are happy to visit a sunny resort, lie down on a lounger, and soak up some rays. But that’s not the ideal trip for everyone. You probably enjoy relaxing on a sunny beach, of course, but you might also crave a little excitement out of your traveling experiences. Maybe you want to travel to learn things. Maybe you want to travel to see things. Most likely, you want a combination of both experiences.

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