Top 15 things to see in New York City

Top 15 things to see in New York City

As any New Yorker will tell you, there’s no way to see all the highlights of this vast, complex city in just one visit. If you’re heading to the city for the first time or just want to know what you shouldn’t miss on your next visit then I have it covered! Here’s my pick of the 15 must see New York attractions. Enjoy!

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Unfolding 1000 years of history at the Tower of London

Unfolding 1000 years of history at the Tower of London

The Tower of London aka Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress is one of the world’s most famous fortresses and has seen service as royal palace, prison, armoury and even a zoo. The ancient stones hold within them dark secrets, as fortified vaults shine with priceless jewels and historic uniformed Beefeaters stroll the grounds. Situated in Central London, just a stone’s throw from the River Thames, the Tower of London is one of the city’s premier attractions.

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Little piece of heaven called Bantayan Island

Little piece of heaven called Bantayan Island

Bantayan island is one of the top island destinations in the Philippines. Tourists fall in love with its crystal clear waters and long stretch of powdery white sand. The breathtaking sunset will really spice up your romantic walks on the beach. It’s unsaturated beauty and the sweet smiling natives made the island as it is now.

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10 Questions with Carly of Girl Out-of-Bounds

Carly is a travel and lifestyle blogger, and last year she quit my job as a paramedic in Canada and moved back to the UK. Now, she lives life as an expat (with her puppy!) and use her home in NW England as a base for exploring Europe, and the world! She likes to explore as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible, drink good wine and experience local culture.

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10 Questions with Ria of Life in Big Tent

Ria was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and lived there for most of her life. She moved to Indonesia after being selected for Darmasiswa scholarship and after 1 year program, she decided to stay there longer and travel around Indonesia and other Asian countries. So far, she has traveled to 23 countries by hitchhiking and Interrail. She has participated in international youth exchanges, visited friends who abroad and now discovering new places.

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Fort Santiago moat

Traveling back in time inside the walls of Fort Santiago

I’ve always had deep fascination for centuries old cities and structures wherever I go. Working as a Software Engineer, I call myself an ‘old soul lost in a digital world’ for admiring (or rather obsessing) about historical sites. I guess this explains why I’ve always been longing to explore Europe for years. There’s a certain enigma that draws me to places that hold so much history in its walls. So, after our wonderful and cool (literally and figuratively) weekend in Tagaytay, my cousins and I decided to pop over to Intramuros before taking our flight back to Cebu to get some historical fix.

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Camiguin Sunset - Copyright Travelosio

Wandering through the unspoiled beauty of Camiguin

We had been contemplating to visit Camiguin since we missed it on our backpacking adventures in Northern Mindanao. Torrential rains immobilized all ferries to depart Balingon port so we moved to Butuan City instead. Besides, being close and accessible to Cebu, flights to there are quiet cheap so we decided to do it as a separate trip. A few weeks later,  I had a long weekend break from work so we booked our flights to visit Camiguin for a couple of days.

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