5 Exciting destinations for your next holiday

A vacation doesn’t always have to involve the same old trip to the same old beach in the same old country. Whilst it’s nice to relax and unwind after a long year of working hard, so as to simply enjoy the summer break, it’s always nice to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. You might find it empowering to explore something or somewhere new and have an eye-opening experience, rather than simply spend your two weeks off from work sleeping on a lounger under the sun.

I’m not saying a normal vacation isn’t nice too, but there are so many things out there which you could be seeing during your little time off from work or school. There are so many unexplored lands or lands you may have already visited but not experienced to the fullest of their potential. There’s more to every country than its capital or major tourist spots. Sometimes, venturing off the beaten track can be a far more relaxing and exciting vacation than the standard all-inclusive hotel by the coast. If you’re running of out of ideas for your break, here are five locations in which you need to vacation.



This unimaginably vast country is certainly one that’s well worth a visit, though it may be hard for you to decide where on earth you should begin. The Great Wall of China may be a stereotypical suggestion, but there’s good reason for that. Given that it’d be impossible to see everything in this huge country, this 5,500 mile masterpiece is certainly a mammoth landmark at which you should begin. It defines a huge portion of this country’s history.



The great Pyramids of Giza are the last of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World to remain standing. There’s no better reason than that to visit Egypt, as this slice of culture and history is something truly awe-inspiring. Seeing with your own eyes that our ancestors could build something which has remained intact for thousands of years is truly an eye-opening and thought-provoking experience.


Sydney Australia.jpeg

Australia has not only a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and the raw, brutal outback, but in the cultural hubs of its cities. You could look into getting some AFL tickets, as this is one of the most popular sporting events over there. Of course, there are heaps of cool events in any and every Australian city, but Sydney definitely boasts the most things to do. The Opera House is well worth a visit if you have the time, money and foresight and book a seat for a specific show or performance. It’s certainly an experience unlike any other.



The United States are varied and sprawling places. It’s hard to know where to begin if you’ve never been or perhaps if you’ve lived a sheltered life within only one of the states. There’s so much to explore beyond the built-up areas of America, and spots of natural beauty such as Yosemite Valley truly need to be seen with one’s own eyes to appreciate.

Arctic Region

Aurora Borealis.jpeg

This is perhaps one of the more adventurous vacation ideas on the list but well worth doing, nonetheless. The stunning northern lights are a natural sight unlike any other on earth, and they’re most easily seen in the Arctic region, which is why so many vacation possibilities are opening up in that area.

6 responses to “5 Exciting destinations for your next holiday”

  1. Ooooh the Aurora. Some say it will be dimming soon. And that the next cycle will be what 10 years later? That’s one in the bucket list that we really like ticked off!


    1. Ya. Better get there quick!


  2. This is a wonderful post!
    i wish to visit all the place one time in leaser time.


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  4. […] us will have some form of bucket list that we aspire to. Mainly it will be filled with all sorts of wonderful and exotic destinations you want to visit. Some of the most common ones will include road trips across the USA or Australia […]


  5. […] area, after all. Not only that, but Sydney is absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing and one of those exciting holiday destinations everyone should consider. It is one of those places that young and old want to make a pilgrimage […]


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