Chasing hobbits in New Zealand

Have you ever watched a film so good that you wanted to be in the movie yourself? Let me clarify that. Have you ever fell in love with the movie location that you spend your life savings to set foot on it? Haha I might be exaggerating but once a blockbuster movie made its millions in the cinemas, the movie sets they left behind become an instant tourist attraction.

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Top 6 day trips in Belgium

Belgium is a wonderland for all chocolate and beer lovers. Indeed, there is no place satisfies the craving for these two better than Belgium. I hope I didn’t make you crave for Godiva and Lindt. However, Belgium is not just about chocolates and beers, there is a lot more that it offers. It has a number of amazing, beautiful, exclusive and historic places  that you wouldn’t want to miss on your day trip. Plus, the people there are super friendly and polite which is an added factor.

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Top 6 cities to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a full package of some beautiful beaches, ancient temples, forest covered mountains, and upgraded transportation infrastructure. All this has made Vietnam a center of attraction and one the most visited place for tourists from past few decades. You would love to see both the highly modernized places with the most advanced architectural designing along with some amazing historic places with some great past stories behind them. All in all, you can say Vietnam is a land of some incredible landscapes and very famous for its lush rice terraces which attracts tourists the most.

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Top temples to visit in Chiang Mai

When you plan to visit Chiang Mai, a well-known place for 300 Buddhist temples, you must be thinking which temples you should add in ‘must visit’ list. Well, it is easy to say that you should see as many as possible as the real beauty of this place lies in those beautiful and historic temples. Some of them are deeply hidden in alleyways while some needs to be hiked on a millions of stairs. Every temple has its own charm with some religious ambiance and peace in the air that you can cherish as a beautiful memory. Below is the list of some top listed temples which deserves to be seen for sure.

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Conquering Angkor Wat in one day

In all of my travels around this beautiful world, one of the most haunting sights I encountered was the sun slowly rising over the intricate sculpted stone pagodas of the temples at Angkor Wat. A standout amongst the most prized religious sites on the planet, temples of Angkor are a true world wonder. A fundamental piece of any Cambodia itinerary, Angkor Wat enraptures guests with its stunning magnificence and unfathomably saved social legacy.

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Why Portugal is a trending destination in 2019

Want to delve into the medieval history and architecture, while also having the pleasure of captivating scenery, breathtaking beaches and delectable cuisine? Then, Portugal should definitely be on top of your must-go list this year. In 2017 alone, Portugal welcomed 20 million visitors – double the country’s current population. Can you imagine the tourism boom? Well, if you are still unconvinced, then by all means, read on.

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Top attractions to see in Singapore for every traveler

Asia is a hugely diverse part of the world and it is somewhere which can offer you so much as a budding traveler in your life. India has a vibrant culture and Bollywood, China has some stunning wildlife and amazing festivals, and places like Thailand are bustling with people all year long. Singapore is one of those places which is stunning to visit and it is a place which can offer something for everyone. Here is everything you should come and see in Singapore this year.

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