Hair care tips while travelling

A good hair day always makes a difference. It makes you feel confident, positive and good about yourself. Sure, it is always easier to manage your hair when you have the comfort of your home but, what about when you are traveling?

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Top creative ways to reduce the cost of a flight

In case you didn’t know, airline travel is notoriously expensive. The cost of the average flight is currently hovering around $380, and that number is only likely to grow in the future, especially if fuel costs continue to rise. While you’re going to have to pay money for a flight no matter what, the good news is you can pay an amount well below this average if you are aware of some basic creative cost saving tips. Here are the top creative ways to reduce the cost of a flight.

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How to make an awesome travel blog

I have been meaning to write a post about how to make a travel blog for a while. I’ve received tons of messages asking how to create a travel blog and make it a success but I never really had the time to compose an article about it. So, I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers to help me come up with a list tips on how to be awesome like them!

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Sensational things to do in the Caribbean

If you could go to one place in your life, I would recommend going to the Caribbean. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world you will ever see. There are wonderful sandy beaches lined with palm trees the most wonderful views. However, if you’re not one of those people that like to relax when you’re going on a vacation, there are places like Europe to get your hit of culture. Caribbean is a prime opportunity to relax kick back and slip away. Here are some other things to think about doing.

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