Is it selfish to travel during the pandemic?

Traveling during the pandemic has been a huge debate in the travel community since the beginning of the worldwide lockdown. Some people had postponed their trips until next year while some others canceled their pending trips indefinitely.

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Traveling around Europe during the pandemic

I am deeply aware that traveling is a great privilege, especially now more than ever. Several countries had imposed travel restrictions resulting in tons of trips cancelled or postponed. Inevitably, people became frustrated. Imagine reorganizing your long awaited holiday or chasing down the travel agencies to get your money back. I, for one, still have pending refunds since February, but that’s another story.

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The pressures of a woman turning 30

In some culture, turning 30 is huge life event, even more so if you are a woman. It’s on this age when we are pressured the most for not conforming to the standards of the society – that is, getting married and having children. Because of this, I have a handful of close friends and relatives who went into ‘hiding’ to escape the judgmental eyes of the very people they consider family, friends, and colleagues.

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4 Lessons the pandemic has taught me

I’ve never thought I’d live to see the world fall to its knees. The world as we know has changed. Since a few months ago, we have entered into a new normal – social distancing, mandatory wearing of masks, distance learning, working from home, etc.  In consequence, the world economy came crashing down, families broke apart, mental health issues arisen, lifelong plans fell through…

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Chasing hobbits in New Zealand

Have you ever watched a film so good that you wanted to be in the movie yourself? Let me clarify that. Have you ever fell in love with the movie location that you spend your life savings to set foot on it? Haha I might be exaggerating but once a blockbuster movie made its millions in the cinemas, the movie sets they left behind become an instant tourist attraction.

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The earth laughs in flowers

Here we are, the final week of lockdown in New Zealand. To be honest, three weeks did not seem too long especially if you keep yourself busy with different activities and well, some work. We are lucky to be locked down in the South Island, New Zealand where our accommodation is smacked down along Lake Te Anau with the dramatic landscapes of Fiordland National Park on the other end.

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