Simple ways to travel smart and fun

Summer isn’t here yet, and we still have our travels to look forward to. None of us want to wish that time away. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. But, for the wanderlusting among us, our minds move onto where we want to go next the moment one holiday is booked. If we have no ideas, it can be hard to get our minds into the travel planning mode. It may be that you’ve visited all the destinations you wanted to see. Or, you may be distracted with the holiday in front of you. Whatever the reason, we all need a little help choosing where we want to go sometimes. Here are a few ideas about how to pick the perfect vacation.

Know what you want


Before you can start, you need to settle on what’s most important to you in a holiday. If you don’t know this, the search will seem impossible. Decide whether you want a busy or remote setting. Do you value beach time or culture? Is a hot climate a must, or are you willing to compromise for stunning scenery? It can also help to consider the places you’ve already been. Thinking about where you most enjoyed will help you pick a winner next time around. Get out a notebook and write down a list of things that mean the most. Then, type your criteria into a search engine and see what results you get.

Know the requirements


Some countries need nothing more than a passport. Others have extensive requirements. Consider this now, to avoid unpleasant surprises. It may be that you’ll need to apply for a visa, or find out ESTA information before you go. If these are things that would put you off, there are a few destinations you’ll be able to strike off the list. If you don’t mind about additional requirements, find out what each country needs. When making difficult decisions, things like this can make or break an option. Plus, knowing what you need will allow you to act fast if you do choose such a country.

Check the weather

Make sure to check the weather forecast wherever you’re heading. If you want the fastest severe weather warnings for your holiday(s), you need an intelligent weather data powered by lightning detection. Obtaining excellent lightning detection systems enables you to receive faster, localized storm alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather like tornadoes, downbursts and hail.

Pack Accordingly

If you are carrying a lot of pieces of clothing, it pays to have a nice, big luggage that can store all your things for check-in. As for the carry on, it is much more convenient to carry a backpack so you can safely stow it in under the seat in front of you or in the cabin.

Decide your budget

Decide on a budget as well, put a list of what’s important to you. If going out is the most important thing, you can stay in a hostel ( has great options), and spend $10 a night, and splurge on excursions every single day.  If you’re a picky eater and would like to be able to cook for yourself, a full home or apartment rental is the best option ( is a good go-to). If you want to be catered to, and don’t mind spending the money on lodging, a 4 star hotel is the best route to take.

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