3 Great holidays for travelling solo

Travelling alone can be one of the best things that we can experience. There is no need to worry about working around other people’s wants and desires or worrying about having to deal with the demands of having a travelling companion. Travelling alone can be incredibly liberating, as you can just do what you want, when you want. The downside of travelling solo, however, is that at times we can feel a tad lonely and there are some moments, on a trip away, that are just nice to share with other people.

So, today we are sharing our top three holidays (with an additional travel tip) for solo travellers, looking to do something a little bit different, with an opportunity to connect with and meet a few fellow travelling companions along the way.

Yoga retreat

For those of you that have been feeling a little worn out and run down recently, why not do something really special for yourself. A yoga retreat can be a fantastic way for you to disconnect, relax and for you to indulge yourself, mind, body and soul.

Regardless of where you are looking to go, yoga retreats can be found in most countries these days, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one in an area that you are interested in visiting. Yoga retreats attract a very eclectic and interesting range of people from all over the world, so in between focusing on your wellbeing and mental strength you can be meeting unique characters from all walks of life.


For those of you that are looking to go all out on your next trip why not look into luxury cruises. A European cruise, will not only provide a balance of exploration and relaxation, they are also notoriously sociable, meaning you are certain to meet lots of interesting people along the way. So jump online and have a look at the routes and packages that most appeal to you and perhaps you can be enjoying your very own indulgent, luxury cruise, in no time at all.

Spa Time

With the daily demands of life sometimes taking their toll, it’s important that sometimes we just down tools and do something really relaxing for ourselves. If that is the case, then why not treat yourself to a wonderfully indulgent spa break. With no distractions and a peaceful surrounding, a spa break is a fantastically relaxing way to spend a little quality time with yourself, just switching off from your normal routine and enjoying some well earnt quality R&R.

City Break Activities

If you are dead-set on visiting an exciting city destination, but would like to do something a little bit different, why not get involved in a local workshop or a language course. Doing a couple of hours in the morning learning the local language, or perhaps spending an evening learning how to cook a local dish can be a really great way to surround yourself with interesting people and perhaps make a couple of new friends along the way.

2 responses to “3 Great holidays for travelling solo”

  1. A spa is always a treat. Not just for solo traveling but also for the therapy it gives one. Come out refreshed and ready to conquer the world!


  2. […] by the time summer rolls around! However, this type of holiday isn’t for everyone, and many people who have been bitten by the travel bug much prefer to experience their break differently. This means living like a local – fully […]


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