Top US destinations to visit in your lifetime

United States is big. Life is short. It is so enormous and beautifully diverse that it’s tough to narrow down the must-see destinations to one list. Whether you’re the kind of traveler who strays off the beaten path or one who hits the ‘touristy’ things, U.S. has got you covered.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in U.S. all your life or you’re just planning to visit for the very first time, these destinations are part of an exclusive sampling of the very best of places that must be experienced firsthand. I could easily get carried away with a bucket list for each state, but I put my thinking cap firmly on and personally hand-picked the finest destinations so that you don’t have to. Grab your bucket list; you will definitely want to add these trips to it.

New York City, New York


Also known as the “Big Apple,” New York City is a favorite destination for both domestic and international visitors. American icons, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square, are just a few of the attractions to see in New York City, America’s most populous and most popular city. Don’t miss a leisurely walk on the High Line, an old-railroad-track-turned-park that features greenery, artwork, and beautiful skyline views.

Los Angeles, California


The lure of Hollywood, international celebrities, and the mild breezes from the Pacific Ocean makes Los Angeles an obvious addition to the list of top U.S. tourist destinations. Visit L.A.’s famous beaches, such as Malibu or Santa Monica, go shopping on Rodeo Drive, try touring Beverly Hills, and walk along the boardwalk in LA’s most famous beachfront neighborhood known as Venice Beach.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Majority of the tourists make a trip to the Sin City to try their luck in some of the world’s largest casinos. But, Vegas is also home to blockbuster shows, concerts, world class shopping and high end restaurants, all of which make this city a true desert oasis and a top U.S. travel destination. Watch a boxing match at MGM Grand, try your luck at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, or walk through ‘the strip’ that showcases world’s iconic landmarks.

Maui, Hawaii


Say “Aloha” in this island paradise. From the stunning beaches, towering palm trees and magnificent volcanoes to its rich South Pacific culture, Hawaii is the perfect tropical destination. Hike an active volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or achieve your dream tan at the gorgeous coast of Maui.

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