Island hopping and snorkeling tour in Fam Islands

Fam Islands are a group of islands in Raja Ampat of West Papua, Indonesia. The main islands are Fam, Penemu (Fam Besar), Inus, Yar. They lie northwest of Batanta island, in the straits between Waigeo and Batanta and New Guinea.

These islands are the very definition of paradise. Located about 1.5 hours boat ride from our homestay in Kri Island, Fam Islands has some of the most beautiful coral gardens and walls in Raja Ampat, combined with stunning viewpoints on land.

We took this excursion a day before we left Raja Ampat and I can honestly say that this should be one of your must-do activities when you visit Raja Ampat.


During our trip to Pianemo, it was like infinite endless blue ocean. Several times we could see silhouette green hilly island, lush green forests, and birds swooping fly doing fish hunt. A couple of times, we were cruising with a group of dolphins not far away from our boat.

Under a clear blue sky, we cruised across lagoons where the sea changes color from light turquoise to dark blue nearing the horizon. Through its crystal clear waters the colorful corals at the bottom of the sea are clearly visible from the surface. It reminds me so much of El Nido in the Philippines.

Fam Islands (3)

From the jetty in the lagoon, there is a staircase leading up to a small mountain. On top of the mountain is a viewing platform where we have a fantastic view over the lagoon and the surrounding landscape of Raja Ampat. The view is breathtaking!

Fam Islands

Fam Islands (2) Fam Islands - Copyright Travelosio

Most people remember Raja Ampat from Wayag photos – islands made of coral rocks scattered beautifully and clearly visible from the top of the hill. Apparently, Raja Ampat doesn’t have just one area of those coral islands, in the western area of the Gam island, you can find a “small Wayag” in Pianemo.


Still a bit further out east, two small rocks rising out of the sea mark the location of yet another great dive spots named Melissa’s Garden. Snorkelers can also appreciate a good deal of it, though the sea can be a bit choppy here.

Melissa's Garden

Melissa's Garden (2)


On the way back, we stopped at Arborek Island. It is a model village in West Papua. The roads are clean and well maintained. There is a school, a church and a few shops on the island as well as the organisation Barefoot who is leading voluntary projects in the area.

Arborek Island - Copyright Travelosio

Arborek Island - Copyright Travelosio (4)

Arborek Island beach was fine, white sand, fun to relax. The atmosphere is still quiet, can make you lose track of time.


Full day excursions starts at IDR4,500,000 for up to 6 people. It is a good deal for a whole day of snorkeling and island hopping with scrumptious lunch included (where there were a couple of monitor lizards hanging out). If you want to go diving instead of snorkeling, you make arrangements with your tour operator two days before the excursion. Each dive costs IDR450,000 per person on top of the boat cost. Tour operators usually require 50% down payment to reserve the spot.

Do you like island hopping? Which one is your favorite? Is it as beautiful as Fam Islands?


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  1. Caroline says:

    This is great! I’ve always wanted to go here. A couple of good points I’d have to keep in mind 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome scenery and dive sites!


  3. You wowed me with this blog post, well written and informative. I can’t wait to travel to Indonesia. You are an ardent traveler that shouldn’t miss to follow.


  4. LuLuFille says:

    This sounds amazing. Who did you book this excursion through?


  5. What a dreamy destination ! Indonesia is amazing, and Fam island definitely not a well-worn path that people usually take. Such a great article, Sarah ! 🙂


    1. Sarah B. says:

      Thanks! Fam island is a paradise and I hope it stays that way forever.


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