Incheon Airport makes you wish your layover is longer

On my recent layover to Incheon International Airport, I happen to discover a lot of stuffs to do during a layover that I made a list for your reference. It’s impossible to get bored at Incheon International, but don’t take my word for it; read on to discover all that you can do and see there to make the best of your next layover.

Incheon Airport is huge, but you’ll still get free wifi in pretty much every nook and cranny of the airport. Also, you don’t have to do any annoying logins. Just connect! Not everyone might have a laptop or smartphone to get the free wifi offered at the airport that’s why Incheon Airpport have couple of personal computers lined up free for use.

Incheon Airport Rest and Relax

Incheon Airport doesn’t just have a garden. It has seven! Sometimes you need a break from all the chic and modernness, and just return to semi-manufactured (but still really peaceful) nature. Now, when arriving after a particularly long flight, few things feel better than a quick shower. Rather than entering a new country with that post-flight look, these airports offer up a free shower to arriving and transit passengers. Just double-check beforehand whether the service includes the option to rent a towel – curiously, a few airports require you to bring your own.

Incheon Airport Free Shower

When stuck with a long layover, a massage chair is the icing on the cake. While things get a bit competitive when vying for one of these chairs, those who score one are in for a treat.

Incheon Airport Massage Chairs

Traveling with kids can be really tiresome. Let your kids waste their energy in Incheon Airport’s free children’s playroom. Parental supervision is required. If you are up something traditional, you can make traditional Korean crafts at the Incheon International Airport Korean Culture Experience and see traditional Korean musical and dance performances for the very reasonable price of free. With transit tours to temples, historic sites and newer attractions, you’ll get a taste of Korea within a couple of hours.

Incheon Airport Transit Tour

Thanks to Incheon International Airport, gone are the days of airport-hatred and lackluster airplane travel. It’s one of the few airports in the world where you’ll be smiling at the mention of a delay or wishing your layover was just a little bit longer.

Have you ever been to Incheon International Airport? Share your experiences in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Incheon Airport makes you wish your layover is longer

  1. Anna Isabelle Isip

    Last year, I visited the Philippines. I flew to Manila from New York City, and vice-versa. During my layover in South Korea, I was in for a real treat. Within a general Korean hospitality, I saw a wide range of FREE amenities. If anybody loves to visit Asia, I recommend they visit the Incheon airport in Korea. It’s worth the layover experience 🙂


  2. Jess

    Incheon is my favorite airport. In 2014 the free showers included soap and towel in a very nice bathroom, granite countertops and all! The transit tours cost $3 USD to pay for insurance. And the cultural centers have free arts and crafts activities for adults. I LOVED my 4-hour layovers to/from Mongolia. (More airport details on my blog– just search ‘Korea’.)


  3. Chuchi Camins

    What do you suggest I do if I have 22 hours layover in Incheon airport. will arrive 7 pm on a sat May 4 and my flight back is May 5, 6 pm? what to do first? if you don’t mind that is. I am from the Philippines and It is my first time in Korea and I have no Korean visa. just passing through to Canada.



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