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Things female travelers should know about a solo trip to Greece

Greece has long been known as a world-class destination for international holidaymakers. Whether you’re looking to explore the country’s compelling history, or simply soak up the sun on a sandy stretch, Greece and its surrounding islands have something to offer every type of traveller – and that includes anyone who is venturing out alone.

If you’re wondering where your next solo adventure will take you, perhaps you’ll find all the answers in beautiful Greece. In this post, we provide some top tips and useful advice for any woman considering a solo trip to this unique European jewel.

Get to grips with Greek

As ever when exploring a new country, it can be useful to come equipped with a few basic words and phrases in the local language to help you get by.

Unfortunately, the Greek language is a complex one to learn, particularly for English speakers, and it can take a lot of determination and linguistic prowess to master it. Fortunately, English is widely spoken across much of the country, especially in the more touristy areas, so you shouldn’t be punished too severely for skipping the odd lesson.

Nonetheless, the locals will appreciate you making the effort to at least briefly converse in the native language, even if it is just the odd ‘Ευχαριστώ’.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Greece is very well connected by public transport, and you’ll have no problem venturing out of the main cities if you want to see more of what this beautiful country has to offer.

If you’d feel more comfortable travelling in a larger group, you will also find lots of different tours available, which can be a great way to explore the tourist attractions with like-minded visitors.

And don’t feel like you’re restricted to the mainland – frequent ferry services make exploring the surrounding islands a piece of cake. Island hopping around the many archipelagos is a great way to see more of this beautiful corner of the world, and explore the regions that have become a mainstay in popular culture.

From the beaches of Skopelos, to the sunsets of Santorini, many of the most beautiful sights in the Greek islands have been immortalised on the silver screen, and you can discover these picture-perfect destinations for yourself. Just be sure to bring a camera to truly savour the moment!

Safety first

Safety is quite rightly a primary concern for many travellers who decide to explore the world at their own pace. On the whole, Greece is considered a very safe country for visitors, but authorities still advise you to take the normal precautions when visiting somewhere new on your own. 

For example, be sure to keep any valuables secure and hidden, and make other people aware of your travel plans and itinerary. And of course, be sure to research the areas you want to visit before you fly and book accommodation in advance, to give yourself peace of mind once you arrive.

Top 5 picks of ritzy villas in Crete, Greece

Being the largest of all Greek islands, it is safe to say that Crete flawlessly ticks all the boxes for the ultimate holiday. Blending hectares of mountainous slopes, turquoise waters, secret coves and seemingly endless coastline, visitors to this exquisite Greek paradise will definitely find it hard to leave. It’s unlike the beautiful private tours in Athens, but even more breathtaking. With villas  set near quiet coves, secluded beaches and mountain villages, the charms of Crete might be second to none. Dotted sporadically across Crete are gorgeous and world class villas that serve as haven to couples, families, group of friends and even for solo travellers. Crete basically gratifies to every style, taste and penchant. And, here are my top 5 picks of ritzy villas in Crete for your next holiday.

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Living like a local in Greece

You might not originally think it, but there is a huge difference between traveling and taking a vacation. On vacation, most people like to have things done for them – staying in hotels, eating at the tourist-focused restaurants, lounging on the private beach. Which is all completely fine, of course. After all, the vast majority of us work hard all year round, and a little bit of relaxation at a beautiful resort is usually very welcomed by the time summer rolls around! However, this type of holiday isn’t for everyone, and many people who have been bitten by the travel bug much prefer to experience their break differently. This means living like a local – fully immersing them in the local culture and embracing everything that comes with it. When this is a noticeable culture different from your own, this can be especially rewarding. Take Greek culture, for example.

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