Luxury meets gastronomy at bai Hotel

I left Cebu 3 years ago and since then, there were quite a few hotels that made addition to Cebu’s skyline. One grandiose hotel in particular is bai Hotel. It is definitely eye-catching due to its size and delicious exterior. Not to mention, it is right in front of Parkmall and City Times Square where there are some decent amount of boutiques and restaurants. It’s location is definitely a plus since it a short drive to airport, port, downtown and shopping malls.

Cebu holds a special in my heart. It is where I acquired my tertiary education and my 9-5 job before I ‘left the nest’ and became a digital nomad. Here, I made a lot of unforgettable memories with lifelong friends and workmates. It will always be a part of me wherever I go in the world. Since I moved to France, I’ve only been passing to see some old friends and occasionally spend a few nights to process some papers with the administration. Normally, I’d stay with friends but not this time. My husband was traveling with me so, we’ve decided to stay at a hotel. Coincidentally, it was also our 5th year anniversary so we were due for some form of luxury after sleeping in the van for almost 2 weeks in Brittany.

My husband and I were certainly looking forward to our stay at bai Hotel as our Cebu friends speak so highly of it. (Spoiler alert: bai Hotel exceeded our expectation!)

We were welcomed at the palatial reception where security and hospitality were top priorities. We passed through a scanner and then ushered towards the check-in area. It was highly organised. There were queue areas and check-in time suggestions to avoid long waits and crowds. A deposit was required so it is best to prepare a few large banknotes of local currency. However, if you just arrived directly from the airport with any pesos with you, they also accept foreign currency favoring a higher exchange rate. Never mind as they will give you the exact same banknotes provided that you did not cause any damage to the property.

The check-in process was a breeze and not long after, we were off to our room on the 19th floor. We were definitely impressed by the chic interiors and flooring of bai Hotel. The ambiance is so luxurious and elegant. It is probably one of the most well-designed hotels we’ve ever been in.

After a few breaths on the elevator, the concierge ushered us towards the right wing of the hotel where we can see a split view of the Mactan channel and Mandaue City.

IMG_7601 4

Our room was absolutely interior goals! It has subtle earth tones with some hints of teal. The walls and floors have matching patterns while the bathroom is leaning towards contemporary minimalist. Yes, definitely trendy!

We had a king-sized which was super comfy and pillows that are soft as feathers. We both had a bed side table, lamps and control switches. There was a desk on the corner of the room which I immediately called dibs before my husband took over. Other room amenities include a flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, coffee/tea making facilities, vault, robes, ironing facilities and a telephone. And, since it was our 5th anniversary, bai Hotel was kind enough to prepare some delightful romantic touch upon our arrival.

The bathroom was highly impressive as well. Bathroom amenities include a hair dryer, vanity mirror, bidet toilet, rain shower and even a telephone. What more could you ask for? A bathtub, perhaps? Well, lucky for you, bai Hotel has a jaw dropping infinity pool at the 21st floor. And, if you fancy some cocktails while lounging on the pool, you can order straight from the pool bar.

Mornings were always something to look forward to at bai Hotel. We have never seen so much variety for a breakfast buffet. I think, you can have a proper brunch at Cafe Bai because there just endless of options. From local delicacies to Italian to Chinese to Indian. And if you’re craving kimchi and sushi for breakfast, look no further! Cafe Bai has got them all.

My jaw literally dropped as it was surely worth the money if you are a breakfast person. I definitely made rounds tasting almost everything on our first breakfast there. My husband on the other hand was definitely impressive by the Italian and Indian section. Cafe Bai also has tons of hot and cold beverages to choose from.

The next day, we were served with a change of menu which was really something to be appreciated especially if you are staying for longer. Nevertheless, you’ll never get bored with food at Cafe Bai.

Bai Hotel is also proud to have their in-house gym, spa, business facilities, clinic, function rooms, shuttle service, restaurants and even full butler service. Honestly, bai Hotel is a one-stop hotel where you can have anything you need with hotel premise.

I can strongly say that we had a blissful stay at bai Hotel. Our anniversary was made memorable due to the comfort, luxury and exemplary service provided by bai Hotel and its staffs. Perhaps, on our next stay at bai Hotel, we will try their Executive Club to take our experience to a whole new level.

14 responses to “Luxury meets gastronomy at bai Hotel”

  1. Ah, that pool! Going to my eyes and pretend I am there! Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is a great review of the hotel and made me feel like I understand what it’s like to be there! Great photos as well.


  3. What a beautiful place to visit!


  4. mypathtotravel03dc5fb406 Avatar

    Bai Hotel looks lovely. I would love to stay there if I return to the Philippines. And I would love to return to the Philippines.


  5. Wow looks amazing! Can’t wait to travel again


  6. What a beautiful hotel with awesome and beautiful amenities. This looks likes heaven!


  7. I heard about Bai Hotel but I haven’t tried staying there. I visit Cebu every year for Simala but I usually stay in Waterfront throughout (since it’s near the mall and other establishments). Thank you for this recommendation, I hope when the pandemic gets resolved and I’m able to go back to Cebu, I’ll try to book with Bai.


  8. This is really interesting read. I would love to stay at Bai Hotel. Need to plan my trip to Cebu after the end of Covid19


  9. Neil Alvin Nicerio Avatar
    Neil Alvin Nicerio

    I would love to stay at bai Hotel. I will check that out after the Pandemic


  10. semmarys moorthy Avatar
    semmarys moorthy

    Such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. The pictures look amazing


  11. I always get a good laugh at those towel animals hotel people make. They’re the highlight of nice stays!


  12. craftycreations4113 Avatar

    This place looks so dreamy! I love the view!


  13. This hotel looks like a must-stay place. Everything is looking quite great.Thanks for sharing this.


  14. That hotel looks really relaxing to stay in. It seems like you had a great experience there.


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