4 Digital nomad essentials to live by

If I were to get a penny every time someone asks me anything about being a digital nomad, I’d be filthy rich. Being a digital nomad is something I fantasized for so long since I was on a 9-5 job. I just love being able to travel while earning a living on the side. I can imagine there’d be tons of people out there who wanted to make this dream a reality for them, too. Oftentimes, I get asked what do I bring in order to kick start a nomadic life? Finally, a reader finally suggested for me to write down a brief article of my digital nomad essentials. So, here it goes.

  1. AER Carry on Backpack

Packing is one of my most dreaded part of traveling. It even becomes more stressful when I am packing a multi-season trip. This means that I need more than one bag to pack everything I need. It would need time to pack every bag, checking them at the airport, loading and unloading them and to top it all off, lose of the bags. Therefore, I have a solution at hand and that is AER Carry on Backpack.

It has everything that you need to become a jet setter in no time. With dedicated compartments, you are sure to remember where you put every single essential thing. When you think about organization, think nothing further.

  1. Unbound Merino Wool Travel Clothing

You might have never heard about nomad clothing. But now you have.

Yes, there is something termed as nomad clothing and it involves merino wool for nomads as it is antibacterial, odor resistant, dries fast, will help regulate the temperature of the body and will not wrinkle. It creates stylish apparel that will work for weeks or even months which takes off a lot of stress of what to pack.

  1. Skyroam

This portable Wi-Fi hotspot has been making the rounds for a while and what better can a nomad ask for. It is every digital nomad’s best friend! A great alternative to SIM cards and monthly data plans, Skyroam works by delivering local SIMs that are virtual from their proprietary networks, consisting of 200 global operators. In other words, you can access the internet without using a SIM card.

The recent upgrade has had many people walking towards it, as it is 4G LTE, works in over 130 countries and can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. It will also be your portable power bank and will last longer, talk about 16 hours in one single charge. It definitely made my life easier when I was backpacking in Europe and Asia. I just have to turn it on and I’d be online in no time. It is certainly my go-to internet provider anywhere in the world!

  1. Packable Down Puffer Jacket

What would you do without a jacket? This is a question every nomad needs to ask him/herself before travelling because weather is not going to be the same everywhere. It is going to be rainy, snowy or both in many cases.

In that case, a packable down puffer jacket is going to do wonders for you. It will protect you from rain and wind along with being surprisingly warm. They normally come with a pouch in which you can roll it in, again consuming as little space as possible. With this thing in your backpack, you will not have to worry about carrying a leather jacket or jackets to fight extreme weather conditions.

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