Top 6 cities to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a full package of some beautiful beaches, ancient temples, forest covered mountains, and upgraded transportation infrastructure. All this has made Vietnam a center of attraction and one the most visited place for tourists from past few decades. You would love to see both the highly modernized places with the most advanced architectural designing along with some amazing historic places with some great past stories behind them. All in all, you can say Vietnam is a land of some incredible landscapes and very famous for its lush rice terraces which attracts tourists the most.

Below are top cities you should visit in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh

This city is known as a business and financial hub for their local residents which is a very beautiful place in itself as well. It is the largest city of Vietnam where you can find multiple places to roam around for exploring the historic and modern locations. You would love to see the vibrant shopping experience there, the finest and most delicious dining places and of course their nightlife is something not to be missed ever.

Nha Trang

Well, Nha Trang is a popular seaside resort city which is most famous for its location on one the Asia’s most beautiful bays off the coast of South Central Vietnam.

Nha Trang

You would love the scenic mountains, beautiful islands, palm trees and attractive beaches there which all in all makes this city a favorite place for tourists and scuba divers. You would also find some beautiful resorts, an amusement and water park there with wave pools and roller coaster type rides to make your trip memorable.


This is one of the most historic cities of Vietnam where you can still feel the reign of nineteenth century of Nguyen emperors from the city’s architecture, culture and cuisines. This historic feel attracts the tourists to must visit this city to complete their tour to Vietnam.

Hue Palace.jpg

Hue sits along the banks of a beautiful Perfume river and of course, Citadel is the most famous monuments to visit in Hue.

Halong Bay

It is famous for its aqua-green water along with the sea dragons (some clusters of limestone rocky outcrops rising from water) which makes this city a beautiful fantasy type place for tourists.

Halong .jpg

You can see around 2000 jungle-covered islands there along with intriguing caves, sinkholes, grottoes and lakes.


There is an Old Quarter in the heart of Hanoi as a main attraction. It is an open air museum of historic Asian and French colonial architecture with some picturesque tree-line boulevards, quaint cafes and many more things.


Here, you can also visit Grand Opera House, the Presidential Palace and Saint Joseph Cathedral.

Hoi An

It is an oldest city dating back some 2000 years to the Champa Kingdom. You would love to see the architecture of this city along with their traditional culture and especially textiles which makes this place a unique one to visit. There is one atmospheric Old Town which is a most attractive place with traditional wooden houses, hundreds of different shops and a reflection of beautiful old architecture.


2 responses to “Top 6 cities to visit in Vietnam”

  1. Great list! Although, I would add Ninh Binh and Sapa, completely remote and amazing natural landscapes and genuine local immersion. A little bit hard to reach but the trip is definitely worth it.


    1. Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit those two places so I cannot speak of them. Regardless, they are wonderful places as seen in pictures in the internet and word of mouth from fellow bloggers. Perhaps, one day, I will have a chance to visit Ninh Binh and Sapa. 🙂


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