Top Italian cities to see in 2 weeks

Living in Europe comes with a lot of advantages. Travel-wise, it is pretty easy and cheap to go around. Although it is highly doable by bringing our own vehicle, traveling by public transport is the most convenient, economic and ecological way to go to.

Debuting our European tour, we started off in our neighboring country – Italy. We took the bus from Lyon and after a short wink, we were already in Italian land. Two weeks maybe short to see a country as big (or long) as Italy but, we covered a lot of ground and made the most of our trip without splurging on flights. So, if you are press in time just like us, here are my recommendations to see the best of Italy has to offer.


If you are an art lover, you should visit Milan. It is not a very touristy city like the other cities in Italy, but the masterpiece artwork is something that sets it apart from the rest. You will surely enjoy your time in Milan because of the amazing weather and several museums that you can visit. You can learn about the modern Italian history in Milan and there are many traditional buildings and spots in Milan that should be on your bucket list.

Travelosio Venice


Venice is the top tourist destination because of the beautiful attractions that can mesmerize anyone. It is a perfect place to visit for a romantic vacation. You will be enthralled by the charm and passion of the city. You can enjoy the small boat ride.

You can walk lazily through the roads and you will cross the Grand Canal where you can experience the old and true Venice. Everything about Venice is amazing. Once you are in the city, you would never like to leave the place.


Bologna has plenty to offer to the tourists. The journey beings with the love of food. You can try many delicious cuisines and street foods that will make you lick your fingers. The leaning tower of Bologna will put Pisa to shame. There are many other amazing historical buildings that you will love exploring. The church buildings are stunning. It seems like someone has done a really good job while visiting them. As well as there is a unique hidden side of Bologna that only a few people know about.

Travelosio FlorenceFLORENCE

There are many charming scenic towns that surround Florence. You will fall in love with the beauty and ethnicity of the land. The Tuscan wine of Florence is the best wine in the world and you will forget about the taste of all the other types of wines that you have enjoyed before.

Music, food, and cocktails of Florence are the life of the city. Florence is little known for its artistic side but there are only a few people who know that it is a cultural gem.


There are many amazing castles that will take you hundreds of years back. You can also explore the artistic buildings and masterpieces of Naples that are the true beauty of the city. If you are a food lover, you cannot dare to avoid visit Naples because it is the birthplace of pizza. There is a hidden side of the city that holds more secrets than you can imagine. In Naples, you will get the best and most delicious coffee.

It might be a small region of 30 miles but for the standalone trip, Amalfi Coast offers Italian luxury and idyllic beauty. The roads of Amalfi Coast will take you to the scenic beaches, amazing towns, gardens, and villas.
Travelosio Amalfi CoastEverything about Amalfi Coast is beautiful. From the greenery to historical castles, everything has been preserved in its original form. You will enjoy every second that you will spend on the Amalfi Coast because nature has done some special blessings on the city.


Rome is the historical city of Italy that you cannot avoid visiting at any cost. From the areas where some of the best fights were held to the historical sites preserved that are believed to be the place of their Gods and Kings is simply amazing.

You will fall in love with every historical building that you will find in Rome because it comes with the complete history. Know about all the historical heroes of Rome and spend some quality time exploring the place.

All of these stunning cities are easily accessible by bus or train. We never had to spend over 3 hours on transit as there are fast train options which are sometimes cheaper than the regular trains or bus. The views from one city to another is definitely varying but nevertheless beautiful.

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