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Cheap things to do in Sydney

Australia has always been known to be among the most expensive countries in the world. In fact, it’s most popular city, Sydney is ranked 10th most expensive city in the whole world. So, why even visit if it costs you an arm? Well, there are still loads of things you can do around here that’s not gonna cost your life savings such as those offers on things to do at Groupon. It’s only a matter of a few compromises and keeping an eye on some freebies which are equally worthwhile.

Visiting waterfalls

Surprisingly, in this big metropolis, there are several waterfalls that are ideal for a day trip. When traveling with a group, you can hire a taxi or rent a car and split the costs of the trip among the group.

Waterfalls Great waterfalls to visit are Wentworth Falls, Katoomba Falls, Paddy’s River Falls, Wattamolla Falls and many more!

Rock climbing

This is a very famous activity that is loved by locals and tourists alike. So, whenever you are in Sydney and you are looking to do something adventurous on a limited budget, there are places you can go.

Rock climbing

Try Climbfit, Nomad Bouldering Gym, 9 Degrees, The Edge, Trees Adventure, Indoor Climbing Gym or The Climbing Centre.

Free Yoga classes

Usually, when we are traveling, we tend to neglect our eating habits and exercise routines to devour irresistible cuisines. Luckily, Sydney has tons of yoga hubs which offers yoga classes at very low cost.

Outdoor yoga

You can also join some outdoor yoga community classes which are totally free. You just need to present yourself, register and enjoy the perks.

Exploring the art

There are different places in this beautiful city where you can visit and enjoy the art of the city at absolutely no cost. You can visit the art gallery of NSW or the Museum of Australian Currency Notes.

Sydney art

Or, even a simple stroll around the neighborhood or park may surprise you. Sydney is booming with artistic street art and colorful parks.

Sydney Opera

Well, you don’t have to go in but even from a distance, the Sydney Opera is a beautiful sight to see. On a regular basis, they make a grand, colorful display on the exterior of the opera house. I suggest to visit it both day and night to appreciate it.

Sydney Opera

So, there you have it! Five fun yet cheap things to do around the 10th most expensive city. Like I said, you don’t have splurge to have an exciting holiday here.

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Hey there! I am a small town girl who used to work as a Software Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. I left my 9-5 job to travel the world. I am a certified Level 2 scuba diver, a Vinyasa yogi and a former IT professor. I love trekking the mountains, fishing and camping. I speak 5 languages. Cheers!


  1. I would love to visit Sydney someday. It seems to be a city to make the most of outdoor activities. And I just love the idea of exploring street art there too. Thanks for this post! 🙂


  2. budgettravellove says

    Sydney looks amazing! It’s definitely on my bucket list. Free yoga sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I really should start planning a trip to Australia. One of the first places that I’d like to visit would be Sydney since it’s always what people recommend. I appreciate you sharing these things to do there!


  4. I need to visit Sydney, I had no idea all that there is to experience here. I know that the kids want to travel, especially my almost adult child. I hope to experience places like this with them soon!


  5. iyalouisa says

    Wow the waterfalls looked amazing! My boyfriend is desperate to go to Australia so he is going to love this post1


  6. Elizabeth O says

    This is a really great post. There are some great ideas here for budget friendly things to do. I love the idea of visiting waterfalls, I bet that is amazing.


  7. Sigrid Says Blog says

    I am not much into activities, but will take the sight seeing anytime. Two weeks in Australia would not be enough. We are so going there in a couple of years. Saving some more!


  8. sabrina barbante says

    They say Sydney is an all but cheap city, but as I see from your post there are so many interesting free things to do. I think this city is a vibrant and creative one, and good vibes and creativity are for free.


  9. The opera house is so pretty! And I’d love to see the waterfalls. I have relatives near there, so I hope to head there someday!!


  10. OMG!!! Sydney is just a travel destination and it’s nice to see that one can explore the place for cheap. For a fact, I’d spend most of my time visiting the waterfalls and taking photographs! I just love untouched nature!


  11. Your suggestions are great! I especially love the idea of free yoga and how big the arts are in Sydney! If I ever visit, I will make sure to remember these!


  12. Sydeny, Australia looks amazing this is country that is certainly on my bucket list. An evening stroll viewing the Opera Houses would just be amazing.


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