Ways to fund your travels around the world

The most common excuse for not being able to travel is not having enough money. Of course, how else are you going to pay for the flights, accommodations, and attractions without any money? I completely get that however, if you really serious about traveling the world, you will have to take the first few steps TODAY.

Here are some amazing tips that can help you fund your trips around the world.

Start saving

First, you need to start saving. It sounds simple but it might just be the toughest thing to do. We are surrounded by temptations daily such as fancy coffees, dine outs, another pair of shoes, some cute bags… You know what I mean. So, how to start saving indeed!

Cook Your Meals

  • Cook your own meals. If you don’t know how to cook, LEARN! It’s about time, don’t you think? By cooking your own meals at home, you’ll immediately notice a huge increase in your savings. Imagine this: your $10 meal is 4 nights stay in a hostel somewhere in Asia.
  • Plan out your budget. Set a limit for each expenditure. Then, discipline yourself to live within this budget to set aside some moolahs for your trips.
  • Live minimally. Cut down your expenses by buying what you need only. Personally, if I come across an internal debate, I just ask myself if I really, really need it. If I can live without it, I just put it back on the shelf.

Collect reward points 

Nowadays, there are tons of online applications that offer rewards points. Oftentimes, you can even convert them into cash so, that goes right to your extra pocket money. Some credit cards offer this system but fall into the irony of buying more stuff which is what we are trying to do as per step 1.

Credit Card Points Travel

So, how to go around it? Ask your friends and family without credit cards to use yours especially when buying large amounts. They can purchase what they want and you’ll get the points. Word of warning though, only choose those who have earned your trust to avoid problems with reimbursements.

Cheap tickets and accommodation

One of the most crucial rules to sustain long term and worldwide travel is to travel cheaply. If you think 5-star hotels and first class seats are your only option, then you might have to save bigger and longer.

Keep your eyes peeled for flight deals. One habit I developed over the years is subscribing to alerts from booking sites such as Skyscanner so, I’ll get notified when the price drops to my next destinations.

Cheap Flights When it comes to accommodations, there are tons of ways to save huge discounts or even stay for free. I highly recommend staying in Airbnbs because they are way cheaper than hotels and you can even get $35 on your first stay in any Airbnb all over the world. If you are really super tight on budget, you can live with the locals and try Couchsurfing. It is absolutely free!

Work online 

In case it’s hard to save some extra money, you can start doing a part-time job online. I started doing online jobs over two years ago and I must say that it funded most of my travels. I could set aside this money for my future travels without touching my salary from working as a Software Engineer.

Work Online

There are tons of job platforms you can register in but Fiverr really stand out from the rest. You can register and create gigs for your skills to attract clients. You can also offer your services to clients looking to get jobs done. You can select a category that you do best and the task are quite simple such as data entry, article writing, logo designing, proofreading, etc. Of course, you don’t have to do exactly as I do but these are only examples as to the type of jobs present on this marketplace. There are more complex and high paying jobs too such as web design, apps making, video editing, etc.

Get same day loans

Same day loans can be a life saver when you are traveling around the world. Life as we know it, we’ll never predict when sh*t happens so, it is good to know that there are easy loans we could do in case of emergencies.

There is just no excuse. Anyone can travel if they are willing to compromise and do some sacrifices. Something as great as traveling does not come easy for people like us without a trust fund but with these easy steps, we can make world travel possible.

14 responses to “Ways to fund your travels around the world”

  1. Searching cheap flights online is a good idea. I use Cheapoair and Booking.com. I do recommend clearing your browsing history before each search. All these sites use cookies and remember you, which makes your next search more expensive.


  2. I need to start doing travel reward programs. That way I could travel more.


  3. Some great points! I really need to look into travel reward programs. There are so many places I want to see and year by year I don’t. Time to change that!


  4. amayszingblogs Avatar

    I like your idea! I love travel too and when I have travel I’m always look the Cheap tickets and accommodation. this is really goodpost!


  5. Great tips! It is always fun to find affordable travel. I prefer road trips to flying and hope to travel across Canada soon. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Great tips! My family and I are also trying to travel and are also doing our best to save up. Thanks.


  7. These are some very good points.
    I guess if we are serious about travelling without puncturing a hole in our pockets we need to plan meticulously and for the long term.


  8. Really really great info! I’ve started saving just recently. making the decision to skip on things like an upcoming concert or products or Uber eats (first world problems) is hard lol but I know if i really want it, it must be done.


  9. I love using Airbnb when I travel! It’s cost-effective and gives you more of a homey experience. Your idea about working online is a great idea too!


  10. I have realized the living minimalist is is such an awesome way to enjoy and celebrate life too.


  11. I spent a month in Italy and Iceland seperately and can attest to the cheap accommodation. I brought my tent with me where I could and just camped most places! Iceland in particular was wonderful to camp and explore in! Thanks for the tips!


  12. These are some really great ways to be able to save up to travel. Small changes can save a lot.


  13. Some good tips here and your visitors bring up some good ideas as well with clearing your cache before flight searching and camping. Great tips & ideas.


  14. these are some great tips to save up money for traveling. thanks for sharing will keep this in mind.


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