After one month backpacking around Indochina, I had been longing to sleep on a cosy bed without the unnecessary noise from my dorm mates. Fortunately, a wonderful reward awaited in Bangkok – 2 nights in Sathorn Vista, one of Marriott’s Executive apartments!

I had stayed in 2 Marriott properties previously. Firstly in Residence Inn by Marriott Duluth, Georgia, USA where I stayed for 3 months for a technical training and secondly in Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak, Indonesia where I honeymooned with my husband. Both stays had set high expectations for Marriott in my perspective which is why I was clearly looking forward to two beautiful nights’ rest at Sathorn Vista.

Fresh from Chiang Mai on a bumpy overnight bus trip, I arrived 9AM in Sathorn Vista’s lobby in high hopes to be given a room before the check-in time at 3PM. Prior to arriving, I had made my request for early check-in however, understandably, nothing is guaranteed. To my relief, I was happily accommodated by the receptionist and after brief formalities, I had been escorted to my suite.

A big Wow! was what I exclaimed as soon I entered my one bedroom suite. I was welcomed by a fully-equipped kitchen and a spacious living room. The staff has explained the how-to’s and what-not’s around the kitchen, laundry and media facilities.

My heart leaped for joy when I saw the dreamy king sized feather bed in the bedroom which reminded me of my previous stays in Marriott properties. It helped me conclude that Marriott is true to its high standards basically anywhere in the world. The luxurious bed is only one of the testaments.

Augmenting these features, Sathorn Vista also offers handy services like grocery shopping, daily upkeep, an outdoor saltwater pool, pristine fitness facility and, of course, an array of luxurious perks. Its central location makes it perfect for all types of travelers especially businessmen. There are also plenty of public transport options available around the area such as bus, train and taxi. It was very practical and easy to head to and back from the airport where I went later that day to pick up my husband.

Each morning, my husband and I enjoyed our hearty breakfasts at Sathorn Vista’s signature restaurant, MoMo Cafe. We had a variety of pastries, spreads, eggs, salads, noodles and plenty others. Our consistent favorites were croissant, Nutella and a nice cup of mocha.

Altogether, we had enjoyed our stay at Sathorn Vista’s apartment style living. We were highly impressed by its in-room amenities which has offered great conveniences for long term travelers such as ourselves. We are looking forward to our next stay at Sathorn Vista!

Posted by:Sarah Berthe

Hey there! I am a small town girl who used to work as a Software Engineer for a Fortune 500 company. I left my 9-5 job to travel the world. I am a certified Level 2 scuba diver, a Vinyasa yogi and a former IT professor. I love trekking the mountains, fishing and camping. I speak 5 languages. Cheers!

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