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How to choose the right car for your road trip

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As avid road trippers, my husband and I have gathered a few pointers as to which vehicle is fit for every kind of road trip. Since every trip may differ from another, it may be difficult to pick a car that is best for you. Fret not, folks at have all the information and resources to help you decide the right car for your next road trips. But, if you have no single idea how choose the best road trip car, here are some pointers.

How adventurous are you?

Depending on the kind of activities you’ll be using you car, durability is probably the ultimate ingredient when the right car for your road trip. Will you be driving mostly on paved roads or off the beaten path? Or maybe both? The car’s tolerance is an important when taking challenging roads – imagine giant potholes, stones, muds, snow, etc. However, if you’ll mostly be driving around developed towns, a sedan might just work for you.

What are you bringing?

If you are a heavy packer, storage should also be great factor when choosing a road trip car. Do you plan to bring an ice bucket, chairs, table, perhaps some large items from the kitchen? Then, you might want to consider a pick-up type.

Electric or gas?

That is an important question to ask since it entails the other greater portion of your budget aside from buying the car. If you are driving long distance or away from civilization, you might want to consider driving a car using fuel. Affordable electric cars can only go some distance which means they are not advisable for off-the-beaten-track kind of road trips.

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  1. We always go for the smallest car that we can get as we travel light and the smaller the car the easier it seems to get around.


  2. Avoid renting a flashy car especially for road trip, unless you are travelling with friends or driving short distances, renting a flashy car will make you stand-out in most cities. Avoid renting a flashy car when travelling solo. Sports car can draw unnecessary attention, which might attract professional criminals.


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