7 Things tourists should avoid doing in Singapore

Are you planning to travel to Singapore as a tourist? Well, if so, then it is crucial to understand some of the things that can lead you into trouble. Your travel agent at Visa Express may mention some of them, but detailed research may reveal more. This publication will cover the common things you should avoid doing when you visit Singapore.

Do Not Litter

Even though all states discourage littering, Singapore’s government is stricter on this matter. The city is clean, and this is evidence that they have put a great deal of effort into preventing litter. Apart from littering, spitting is also another vice they discourage with an emphasis. If caught doing any of these, you may find yourself spending many hours in community service or liable for a hefty fine.

Failure to Check Food Prices

It is a good habit to check prices before ordering food from any place. Singapore is known for great food, and tourists like sampling food from different outlets. However, just like any other part of the world, it is common to hear complains of overcharging. Some cases may be genuine while others are just a mere misunderstanding. Make sure you check and understand what will be charged for all food items.

Do Not Use Chewing Gum

Singapore has regulations that govern the use of chewing gum. Basically, only medical gum is allowed while all others are banned. No one will sell chewing gum in Singapore. Therefore, when caught with chewing gum, the authorities know that you either brought it with you or imported it. Neither is allowed. Simply, avoid chewing gum until you are out of the country.

Do Not Vandalise

Whether vandalism is committed by a tourist or not, it is wrong. It is a punishable crime, and tourists must keep away from it. According to reports, some tourists have been punished for crimes like painting in public places or damaging property in any way. If it is your first time here, keep out of other people’s private property or government restricted areas.

Do Not Smoke Anywhere

Are you a smoker? Smoking in public places is not allowed in Singapore. They, however, have designated smoking areas, and they expect every person to use such places. Smoking in public causes health risks and disturbance to other people and is wrong. The good thing is that the state has provided enough designated smoking areas.

Eating and Drinking in Public Transport

There is nothing wrong with taking a sip of water as you travel. However, there is a fine for people who eat or who drink alcohol while traveling. The trains and buses have various stop-overs where they allow travelers to eat at the designated areas.

Do Not Ignore the Culture

Singapore is a multicultural state. Eurasian and Asian cultures are the most prominent. Buddhism is the main religion even though all others are represented. Disrespecting or abusing some cultures can be offensive and can bring trouble to you. Make sure you comply with this and the other points to have an enjoyable stay in Singapore.

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  1. Technically you can bring in chewing gum for your own consumption. Not import them though…


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