5 Amazing Irish cities to visit for traditional Irish music

Ireland is home to rich history, breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture. And, the best way to get acquainted with the real Irish tradition is through it’s impressive musical background. Some of the greatest musical artists in history are, in no surprise, from Ireland. So, if you are thinking about Ireland as your next destination, why not attend one of it’s musical drives? I’m sure you will have a blast! Just don’t forget to take a travel insurance from Chill Insurance, an independent online 100% Irish owned insurance that provides good deals on your travel insurance for you to have a worry-free, music oriented holiday in Ireland.

Here are some cities to visit in Ireland to experience the real Irish culture through music.


Killarney is home to musical entertainment. Most pubs perform frequent live music of different varieties – traditional to modern. The Killarney pubs, the Danny Mann and O Connor’s are definitely on top of the list but there are also so many more performing live music all over town.


Another excellent destination to surround yourself with traditional Irish music is Donegal Town. It has one of the richest culture of traditional Irish music with pubs you can crawl all night. There are shows every single night of the week throughout the year.



Galway City is the ultimate venue to listen to traditional Irish music. It has several concerts venues and workshops for those interested to learn. You may slither you way through the pubs while immersing into the Irish music culture.


The vibrant and hypnotic pub culture in Belfast flourish on live traditional music. You can wander through cobbled alleys, identify famous landmarks and sneak into private pubs in some of the city’s oldest buildings.


Dublin’s rich musical history is considered as true pride for Dubliners. With the revival of folk and traditional Irish music, nightly sessions draw a sizeable crowd of tourists and locals alike.

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