How to make an awesome travel blog

I have been meaning to write a post about how to make a travel blog for a while and promote my favorite travel destinations through SEO services that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve received tons of messages asking how to create a travel blog and make it a success but I never really had the time to compose an article about it. So, I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers to help me come up with a list tips on how to be awesome like them!

1. Create a brand

When starting out your blog, you need to create a brand to represent yourself as a travel blogger. One of the most efficient way to fulfill this is to create a logo that can be associated to you and your travel blog. Paying a designer to create a logo is probably an expensive option for any starter but have you ever thought of designing your own logo? With internet’s unlimited resources, it has now become so straightforward to create your own personalized logo. You can sign up for free to logo creators such as Logojoy to customize your own logo, add your personal touch and pay a small fee ONLY WHEN you are happy with your customized logo and decide to purchase it. Easy peasy and no strings attached.

2. Create a well balanced narrative

Come up with a balanced travel blog post composed of a narrative of your own travel experience, interesting information or trivia about the place and timely insertion of quirky humor to keep your readers interested. – Nomadic Experiences

Nomadic Experiences.JPG

3. Invest in photography

Content is king and should always be prioritized, but at the same time, photos are an integral part of travel blogging. Photos grab attention when long texts cannot, and at times it really does depict a thousand words.

Nowadays, there are so many travel blogs and one way to stand out is to invest in photography. Get a good-quality camera (a GoPro or better yet DSLR works) or a decent smartphone (iPhone has blog-worthy shots, as well as a few up-and-coming brands). Learn and practice how to take good shots and how to be able to capture the right moment to tell stories. This will allow you to give a full-rounded experience to your readers. – Tara Lets Anywhere

Tara Lets Anywhere.jpg

4. Make use of social media

Awesome photography, wildly entertaining and informative article… what good are these if nobody knows about ’em? One of the best reasons to make a blog is to be able to reach out and help fellow travelers make their trips awesome. You’ll do that better if you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share your travel stories.

Social media is also a great way to engage your readers, too. Make friends, discover what they like, ask for recommendations, and find a way to give what they want out of your blog. You’ll be surprised how you’ll end up being inspired too, by making communications two-way using social media. – Follow Your Road

Follow Your Road.JPG

5. Identify a travel advocacy and always uphold it

We already have bloggers with comprehensive travel guides, stunning travel photos, remarkable narratives, and other interesting gimmicks. So, how else could you make a difference?

The answer lies on the advocacy you choose and how consistently and seriously you uphold it. You can start with following the dos and don’ts and supporting the preservation efforts of the local community. These simple gestures bring forth huge impact. You did not only protect the places that you visited, you also make them available to the future generation of travelers and bloggers.

It is highly discouraged to use animals as public transport. So, wherever we may be, please don’t recommend riding any animals or animal-driven carts or rickshaws. – Freedom Wall

6. Never get intimidated

There are two goals in blogging: fame and happiness. If fame seems to be out of reach, then just keep on doing what makes you happy. If you keep that passion burning in you, great things happen. You may not have millions of readership or followers but you can always get good ex deals and get paid big from time to time just because you don’t stop networking, connecting and nurturing good relationships in the travel blogging industry. The best part actually is not about getting tons of freebies but meeting inspiring people from all over the world. You learn from them and by doing so, you positively grow up as a person. –  Travel With Maria

Travel with Maria.jpg

The hardest part is always in the beginning but once you’ve found your rhythm, no hurdle is ever so difficult. These are only 6 tips but these are solid tips that can truly help you find your way through the blogging industry. I hope these are enough to inspire aspiring travel bloggers out there, you know who you are!

Do you have an awesome tip to share? Comment down below.

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