How to claim compensation for a delayed flight

As a frequent flyer, I find it typical to have delays on my flights. In fact, they happen ever so often that I find it strange when the airline leaves on time. It is funny I know. But then, most of the airlines I take are low-cost because I love flight bargains therefore, it is quite inevitable to have some problems here and there. There were a few times that I preferred to travel with medium to high cost airlines but even so, the exact same problems may occur. Like I said, it is almost inevitable, low-cost or not.

History has not been so kind to low-cost sloppy airlines. Low-cost airlines such as  Monarch and Ryanair retained its low ratings despite the constant deals and bargains.

Ryanair delayed.jpg

If you have been following the aviation news lately, Ryanair’s catastrophe revealed the truth about low-cost evolution. Passengers are furious about the flight cancellations. Rightly so. Imagine scoring an excellent flight deal to your dream destination. Then, you booked your resort, tours and everything else. You told your friends and family. You’ve built up too much excitement only to find out your flight is cancelled…Cue intense reaction! Yes, you could always find another flight but expect to pay higher because you are leaving soon. Besides, no one else flies for a lower price.


Another devastating collapse of a low-cost airline came about when Monarch Airlines left all flights grounded with 110,000 passengers abroad. Luckily, the UK government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to initiate a large repatriation operation to bring back stranded passengers. However, all future flights has been cancelled and may or may not be refundable depending where and how you booked them.

So, how do you claim compensation for delayed flights?

You may refer to flight delay claims to find out whether you are eligible for a claim. There is nothing to lose, you only need to input your name, contact and flight details. Qualified solicitors will take on your delayed flight claim and use air passenger rights and case law to achieve the best result for you.

Here’s to hoping flights go more smoothly!

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