New South Wales: Life outside Sydney

When we say the words New South Wales, chances are, your mind suddenly starts picturing all things Sydney. It makes sense; it’s that capital of this area, after all. Not only that, but Sydney is absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing and one of those exciting holiday destinations everyone should consider. It is one of those places that young and old want to make a pilgrimage to. In fact, studies show that a huge amount of people that come here for an extended trip end up applying for their visa with every intention of staying.

There is everything you could need and more and, by more, we mean the chance to enjoy a serious adventure. You can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, take the Manly Ferry past the breath-taking Opera House, and then pop off to learn just how to surf serious waves at the world-famous Bondi Beach. It is one of those places where you can truly live a fulfilled day-to-day life.

However, there is so much more to New South Wales than just Sydney. Yes, you should squeeze every drop of awesomeness out of this city, but you should also enjoy the freedom of car hire in Sydney and explore the rest of this state. If you don’t, ah man, you’ll be kicking yourself for years to come. You’ll be scrolling through the must have adventures on Instagram and see all the things you missed out on and a little bit of your soul will become a little bit sadder.

That’s why we have come up with a list of amazing things to do and see that will take you into the world beyond Sydney.

  1. Trek The Blue Mountains

Only a little more than two hours outside the bustling metropolis of Sydney are the Blue Mountains, and they are mindblowing. The vistas are unlike anything else you will have seen. What’s even better than this, though, is your chance to explore this mountain range in so many different ways. Hiking, climbing, trekking and mountain biking are all things you can do in this rocky Adventureland. Of course, not everyone is up for such adrenaline-pumping and exhausting activities, which is fine because you can enjoy the world’s steepest railway incline instead. You can then hop into a glass-bottomed box, if you fancy, and dangle almost 300 metres over the ravines and cliffs below.

  1. Explore The Budderoo National Park


Less than a hundred clicks outside of Sydney you can find the Budderoo National Park, which offers up the most idyllic and opposing escape for anyone that needs a quick and easy escape from city life. The thing that makes this such a great option is the fact it is home to the Minnamurra Rainforest, the kind of rainforest you probably imagine when you close your eyes. We’re talking ginormous green leaves, truly staggering wildlife and a plethora of secret waterfalls. To keep everything in its natural and unharmed state, they have even constructed some amazing boardwalks so that you can explore this jungle from the air. It’s incredible.

  1. The Seven Mile Beach


You are probably wondering why we are suggesting a beach that is over a hundred kilometres away from Sydney when Sydney has some of the best beaches around. Well, not only is this place home to some of the most dramatic coastlines you have probably ever seen, it is also home to the beautiful coastal town of Kiama, and it is here you can find the Kiama Blowhole. It is one of those mesmeric attractions; your mouth sure to hang wide open as you watch sea water gets sprayed almost 30 metres skyward. Get to the Seven Mile Beach early enough, you may even get the chance to enjoy a coffee on the rocks and watch as a pod of dolphins swim by.

  1. Whale Watching Is A Must

Outside of Sydney, there are only two places worth going to see whales and they are Wollongong and Stanwell Tops. As anyone that has been travelling will tell you, the best way to make the most of your experience is to get up at the crack of dawn and see the world for what it is before it gets ruined by tourists, and that is truer here than anywhere. The reason being there are 45 different species of whale in these Australian waters and that means you won’t be disappointed. Life is about collecting moments and seeing these absolutely amazing giants of the ocean swim by is something that will snatch your breath more than you ever cared to realise. Of course, these aren’t the only places to see whales. You can also see them in Newcastle – the cultural capital of NSW – Byron Bay and Post Stephens too.


3 responses to “New South Wales: Life outside Sydney”

  1. Add Cape Solander to your list, which is about an hour’s drive south of Sydney, but still classed as Sydney. This year (2017) between 24th May and the 24th June, 2209 whales were sighted passing Cape Solander, a 50% increase in just over a year.


  2. Yeah indeed. And the thing we’d sure like to do is to really get up close to the whales. Our track record of going on whale cruises are fraught with failure!


  3. Nice post, you’re so right about Sydney being the only place most people think about in NSW. We wanted to see the Blue Mountains and Budderoo when we were there but just didn’t have the time unfortunately. Next trip hopefully.


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