Creative hospitality concepts and state of the art technology at Quest Hotel

Living in Cebu City for over 10 years, I have witnessed the city’s innumerable urbanization to accommodate towering skyscrapers for outsourcing businesses and luxurious hotel chains. One of the most striking skyscrapers erected in uptown is a 3-star hotel called Quest Hotel Cebu. It’s definitely hard to miss considering its excellent location which is right across Cebu City’s upscale shopping center and 5-minute drive to IT Park`s 4-hectare mixed use business park.

Quest Hotel Cebu is the first ever Quest Hotel in the Philippines with over 400 rooms. It is a 3 star hotel with an affordable lifestyle that aims to combine the value of premium budget hotels with creative hospitality concepts and state of the art technology for travelers seeking a stylish and comfortable environment.

Puso Bistrot Waiting Area.JPG

I was due to fly off to France in a few nights and I trust that staying in a reputable hotel such as Quest Hotel was the best way to bid goodbye to my home for over 10 years. Unequivocally, I made the right decision!

The first thing I went through was a breezy security check on the entrance. The staff have the habit to greet the guests by placing their right hand on their left chest which clearly signifies their heartfelt salutations. Since I was too early for check-in, the concierge gladly arranged to store my luggages on their storage room. Meanwhile, the reception asked for my personal number so, they can inform me as soon as my room is ready. Surprisingly, I only had to wait for 2 hours and by 11AM, I was ready for check-in!

Puso Bistrot Reception.JPG

Check-in was ultra smooth and easy and it took less than five minutes for me to be “escorted” to my room. I am a classic girl who appreciates minimalism with a little touch of class which is why I adored Quest Hotel’s rooms with black and white palettes applied to the interior and furnishings. The dim lighting increased the romantic and mellow atmosphere which I observed in most luxury hotels.

Basically, I was pleasantly astounded by the ambiance of my 25 sqm deluxe room. Quiet air conditioner, satellite TV, an in-room laptop safe and a work desk and a beautiful king-sized bed all to myself, what more could a girl ask for!

I had this medium sized bathroom that I was fond of, it’s (again) very simple but chic and stylish. There was a good range of bathroom amenities and the shower has great pressure and heating control.

I am not a morning person but one of the things that I always look forward to when staying on a wonderful hotel is the breakfast! I enjoy wandering around the buffet tables looking for the next plate of food to stuff my mouth. I had until 10:30AM to catch breakfast but I don’t mind waking up (super) early knowing that good food awaits me.

On my way to have breakfast at Pusô Bistro & Bar, I wandered around the 7th floor to check-out their pool area. There is a medium sized swim-up bar that is comfy enough for quick rounds and a shallower pool for the kids to enjoy. Definitely, it looks like a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Pool umbrellas Quest HotelPool Quest HotelQuest Hotel Pool Area

I was in awe to see that the buffet area was pretty packed despite its enormous size. They served a delightful combination of Filipino and western dishes such as silog as well as sausage, bacon, bread, jam, salads, cold cuts, cheese, and many others.


The egg and noodle sections were absolutely splendid. I was able to pick as many or as less ingredients as I want which means I can splurge on mushrooms and hold the tomatoes on my omelette.

I wished I could spend all my mornings like this but sadly, the next morning, I had to leave before breakfast to catch my 6AM flight to Manila. Thankfully, the hotel offers breakfast-to-go for early goers like me to fill our tummies before the break of dawn.

Overall, I had the best remaining nights in Cebu City at Quest Hotel. I never doubted their hospitality and style which made me glad that I spent my two final nights here. When I come back to Cebu City in the future, I would sincerely my find my way back to Quest Hotel again.

*I was invited to stay at Quest Hotel in return for my honest and open review. The views and opinions expressed on this post are purely mine and not influenced by the hotel and its affiliates in any way.

2 responses to “Creative hospitality concepts and state of the art technology at Quest Hotel”

  1. Wow. Looks luxurious indeed!


  2. Been planning to check-in to this hotel but we couldn’t seem to find a comprehensive review about it. 🙂 And then, yours. Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards, Ace and Demi.


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