6 Spots you should not miss when visiting Rome

Rome is a wonderful place that oozes romance, history and, of course, beauty at every turn. If you are in the process of planning your summer vacation, and you can’t decide where you want to go, I would strongly suggest you consider booking a flight to Rome or perhaps, take one of Rome’s best sightseeing tours.

Rome really does have something for everyone. Whether you’re into architecture or you love great art, you’ll never be bored in the great Italian city. So, find out about etias and organize a trip to the city today. Here are some of the delightful things you could soon be enjoying when you visit Rome.

Explore the Pantheon


If you’re blown away by beautiful architecture, travelling to Rome to see the Pantheon alone is worth the effort. Probably the most beautiful building in the city, the Pantheon has remained largely unchanged for almost 2000 years. Not only does the building look amazing, but it has the atmosphere that only a building that’s been in use for two millenniums can possibly have. Spend some time hanging out there, and you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

See the Roman Forum


If you’re a bit of a history buff, the Roman Forum will have you squealing with delight. Another wonderful historical place, the rustic cobblestones, impressive ruins of one-time Roman grandeur, and the bright blue skies above, all combine to make a magical moment that you will remember for as long as you live.

Visit Vatican City

You don’t have to be a Roman Catholic to appreciate a trip to the Vatican City, where you can browse the Vatican Museums, soak up the unusual atmosphere, and if you’re lucky, get a glimpse of the pope himself.

Take a Stroll Through the Streets of Trastevere


If you want to simply soak up the atmosphere of Rome, drink a great cup of coffee and sample authentic Italian cooking, head to the Trastevere neighborhood, where you’ll find traditionally cobbled streets lined with quaint Tuscan bars, cafes and shops that don’t sell the usual tacky tourist stuff. You’ll also have a great time mingling with the friendly locals.

Shop ’til you drop at the Campo dei Fiori Markets


If you love to shop and you love a market atmosphere, you won’t want to miss out on this fantastic outdoor market where you can buy some of the freshest foods around. Buy up some freshly baked bread, tomatoes and cured meats, and you can put together your own picnic right there on the piazza.

Get inspired at the Galleria Borghese

Of course, Rome is known throughout the world as a city of culture, which is why you should definitely take the time to visit the Galleria Borghese, where you can see some of the most impressive paintings, sculptures and artworks on the whole of Europe. Highlights include the mosaic of Gladiators and the sculpture of Venus.

I hope this has persuaded you that Rome is a great place to visit. As well as visiting these attractions, if you do take a trip to Rome, you should also take the time to try the pizza and gelato – they’re out of this world!

2 responses to “6 Spots you should not miss when visiting Rome”

  1. We cannot emphasize enough on giving time to the markets. Yes by all means do all the important sites, but leave some time to smell the fruits and vegetables in the markets!


  2. Great post with some fabulous photos. Always loved Rome so dont need much persuading to go aain but really enjoyed your article.


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