Fly to Bantayan from Cebu and vice versa with Air Island Tours

Seasoned travelers like Olivier and I had our fair share of mishaps during our time in the Philippines. We had countless of delayed flights, overloading bus/ferries, engine problems, road accidents, cramped seats and what not. I swear, we are almost at our tipping point. However, lately, we learned that there is a better, safer, faster, flexible, more convenient, not to mention fun, way to travel around the Philippines. And, that is through air charter.

On a personal level, I’ve thought about chartering an entire plane to some far off, exotic locale at some point or another. Not having to deal with long lines, cramped leg room, and strangers in the next aisle over sounds like paradise, especially for people like us who travel often. But, last Christmas, Olivier and I were ecstatic to have ticked off an item in our bucket list by flying with Air Island Tours from Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island to Mactan, Cebu. We boarded a CESSNA 172, a four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft which is considered as most popular single-engine aircraft ever built.

Cessna 172 Air Island Tours.JPG

Although in the beginning I had reservations on flying in a tiny plane, Capt. Emmanuel Cabral and his co-pilot made us feel safe and secured during our entire flight. In fact, we even felt like we were going on an aerial tour rather than an ordinary flight. And of course, the bird’e eye view of Cebu Island is never disappointing! 🙂

Aerial View of Sta Fe Bantayan Island.JPG

Mountains of Cebu.JPG

One of the things I loved about chartering a flight is the flexibility of the schedule. While there were still restrictions, we didn’t have the need to rush through the airport to make it to our flight. We were guaranteed that the plane won’t leave without us – the beauty of private flights!

Capt Emmanuel Cabral and co-pilot.JPG

Olivier on Cessna 172.JPG

We were pleased to know that private aircraft are held to the same stringent safety and maintenance regulations as commercial aircraft and Air Island Tours maintains a 100% safety record since it’s foundation in 2011.

Air Island Tours safety instructions.JPG

From check-in to deplaning, the entire air charter procedure was managed for our convenience and comfort. We didn’t have to arrive three hours early to check in for our flight or wait in a long line at a crowded airport to board our plane. And since our baggage traveled with us, there’s never any need to stand around and wait until our luggage arrives, or worse, doesn’t arrive.

Cessna 172 in Mactan Airport.JPG

For those unfamiliar with air charter costs, prices can initially be a bit intimidating. One reason for the higher costs associated with flying privately is of course the fact that some of the costs incurred are costs that are typically shared by all passengers on commercial flights, whereas, in the case of chartering a private aircraft, you are chartering the entire aircraft and crew for your exclusive use. Flying by private air charter may not be everyone’s budget, but when you consider all the benefits and advantages, especially comfort and convenience, the cost of charter travel starts looking very attractive. Over the years, the popularity of private air charter services has soared.  And once you’ve experienced a private charter flight, you’ll understand why!

If you plan to charter a plane for your next trip around the Philippines, don’t hesitate to book through Air Island Tours, the leading air charter service provider in the Visayas and Mindanao serving for a total of 1,300+ , 100% safe and quality air charter flights. They have a wide fleet of General Aviation Aircraft from fix wing to helicopter to amphibious aircraft (upon special request). They are developing to revive the inter-island commuter flight to Tagbilaran, Bantayan, Sipalay and Camiguin from Mactan Cebu thru the weekly charters via fix wing aircraft. They also offer aerial tours and helicopter rentals within the Philippines.

Address: Mactan Cebu International Airport General Aviation Area
Contact Number: +63 922 855 5574

*We were invited to fly with Air Island Tours in return for our honest and open review. The views and opinions expressed on this post are purely ours and not influenced by the hotel and its affiliates in any way.

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25 thoughts on “Fly to Bantayan from Cebu and vice versa with Air Island Tours

  1. emmaeatsandexplores

    This looks amazing! The views are absolutely stunning and the colour of that water is glorious! Very jealous!


  2. Chasa Fulkerson

    This could definitely check flying in a more personal plane off my bucket list while also getting to travel! I like how they have the same rules as commercial planes. I also like how you don’t have to wait in long lines or worry about your luggage. What a great way to get around the Philippines.


  3. truevoyagers

    Honestly, this is a great post! So informative! I have never thought of booking a private flight before because of safety and cost issues. However, the price isn’t that restrictive and it would definitely be an once in a lifetime experience! Efthimis (Truevoyagers)


  4. more4mums

    This looks like a great trip. I am not a big fan of smaller planes but the weather looked great for your trip – I would be more worried if it was windy !


  5. Mri

    Never thought of taking a private flight before, but the photos of it are very tempting! Does it feel differently flying in a smaller plane? Like, is it more rough in the air?


  6. Ah Ran

    Sounds great that you found an alternative way to enjoy travelling in Philippines :). Those things you mentioned were really normal when you are traveling in a third world country, we had experienced those too in PH, India, Bangladesh and even in Eastern Africa.


  7. Elizabeth O.

    What an awesome experience this must have been! It’s nice to see the whole island from above, you can really just take in its natural beauty. I think it’s awesome to try renting a private plane at least once.


  8. katrina gehman

    wow, great views! I would so love to do this on an island. for my husbands bday this year i’m doing a helecoptor rode over vegas.


  9. Tauyanm

    this looks amazing! those views are just breath taking! i would wanna try this I went back to Philippines too! well i guess i have to try first here in dubai since i am here alrdy. will visit their website for more infos



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