After walking around the Marina Bay, I went up to one of the coolest rooftop bars in Southeast Asia – Ku De Ta. It is on the astounding 57th floor roof of Marina Bay Sands Hotel is undoubtedly the cocktail bar in Singapore, presenting the most jaw-dropping sky-high views of the city.

Panorana Ku De Ta - Copyright Travelosio

Partaking of cocktails at Ku De Ta also provides an additional reward.

It’s offers the only ‘free’ access to Marina Bay Sands roof!

Only guests of the hotel are allowed in the famous rooftop infinity pool. Otherwise, non-guests can visit the observation deck for S$23. For that price, why not head to Ku De Ta instead? That’s what I did.

So, to reach Ku De Ta, I had to go to the ticket lobby in Basement 1, Tower 3 to get a pass. Then, I had to take a dedicated elevator to the 57th floor. Prepare for ear barotrauma, the elevator is pretty quick!

Sands Skypark - Copyright Travelosio

Ku De Ta

Elevator - Copyright Travelosio

Without further ado, let’s go drinking!

In the middle of the day…

How responsible of me, haha!

Ok, so I started with Sprite, to quench my thirst. Singapore can be humid most of the day so it is important to stay hydrated.

While lounging, I gazed upon the cocktail menu and saw Singapore Sling, I was intrigued.

Yes, I am well aware it’s mid day but I’m on my twenties, I’m on a holiday, so why not? I needed to satisfy my curiosity.

So there I am with my sling. Its sweet taste of cherry and pineapple blended smoothly with a hint of gin. It was delicious! And a little bit pricey but delicious!

Cocktails all over Singapore are very expensive.

Ku De Ta prices, surprisingly, are on par with prices at other bars around the city. Expect to pay about S$20-25 per cocktail. Surely, that price must rank up with the most expensive in the world!

But, hey, you’re paying for the astounding views, the atmosphere of one of SE Asia’s most chic and trendy bars, and the privilege of standing on the roof of Marina Bay Sands. No regrets!

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