The complete guide to FUNtastic Island in Medellin

Funtastic Island is part of Gibitngil, an island-barangay gifted with sparkling waters, vast coral reefs, long stretch of sand beaches, a picturesque sand bar and rock formations reminiscent of those in Coron, Palawan.

Aside from the natural sceneries, Funtastic Island also boasts of several activities for the thrill-seekers such as a cliff-to-rock zipline, kayaking and snorkeling.

But the most challenging that the island offers is the 40-foot cliff diving platform, hailed Adventure of the Year for 2014 by ABS-CBN’s local magazine show MagTV.

The attraction, whose development is part of the town’s efforts to step up its tourism initiatives, has been attracting hundreds of local and foreign tourists, making Medellin one of the Department of Tourism’s top 10 most visited municipalities in Central Visayas for two years now.


1. Roam around the cliff top cottages

Fancy a walk on those bridges leading you to an even higher cliff. The wonderful, colorful flags they put up on the sides on the bridges bring that summer vibe and a happy face.

Funtastic Island

2. Zip line across the cliffs

You may zip your way from the top of the cliff down to a rock just near the cottages. Cost: Php50. Unlike many zip lines, this one is unique because all you see when you look down is water. There’s no point getting scared of falling… if you don’t know how to swim, you are fully equipped with a life jacket.

Funtastic Island Zipline

3. Jump off the cliff

But if you want to up the ante, you should do the famous cliff diving. Climb your way 40 feet to the topmost part of the rock, stand on the suspended platform and get ready for the big splash. This could be a little discomforting to those who have fears and heart problems but the experience is all worth it. For beginners, make sure you have a soft landing, okay?

Funtastic Island Jump

3. Take an island trek

If there’s more time to hang around, there’s a road that cuts through the island and takes you to the heart of it.

You are expected to find sibuyas plantation within the island, as well as little villages. If you’re lucky enough, you may chance upon fishermen who just came from their trade and buy the fresh catch from them at cheaper prices.


If you’re coming from Cebu City, take a bus for Kawit, Medellin at the North Bus Terminal. Travel time is approximately 4 hours and costs around 160 pesos. When you arrive in Kawit’s public market, walk a few meters to the coast where boats wait to ferry passengers to Funtastic Island. Normally, for a round boat trip, locals are charged with 1500 pesos for a boat large enough for 10-15 people. The trip is approximately 15 minutes depending on how rough the sea is.


Being a remote and almost inhabited island, unfortunately, there is no proper accommodation on the island. Hence, you have to arrange your return before or a little after sun down. However, if you don’t mind a spartan bed, you can make friends with the locals and ask nicely for a place to crash for a night or two.

Or, you can camp out.

Have you been to FUNtastic Island? What are your thoughts about it?

5 responses to “The complete guide to FUNtastic Island in Medellin”

  1. adventuresoflexie Avatar

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, another amazing location! You sure find some fantastic spots.


    1. Oh, there’s plenty to see in the Philippines. I’m not even near half. Over 7000 islands. Over 7000 times awesome things to see.


      1. Can’t wait to hear about them all!!!


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