Impromptu hike to the world’s smallest active volcano

Taal volcano has quite a reputation as we learned from our Elementary years. Just an hour away from Manila, this geological wonder may be small the smallest active volcano in the world, but just so you know, with at least 33 eruptions in recorded history, some were even destructive, it is the second most active volcano (Mayon being the first) in the whole Philippine archipelago.

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10 Questions with Rhez of Rhez Wanders

Rhez is a silly girl from Philippines. She loves frappe, movie marathon and fashion styles. She blogs her notes on programming (some IT stuffs), travelling and things happened around the world and in her life abouts. She worked as a front end developer by profession.

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10 Questions with Joann of I’m Chasing Places

Joann is a multi-passionate Filipina with interests spread in different areas including travel, minimalism, and internet entrepreneurship. She dreams of traveling the world, explore amazing diving spots, create value, and write stories of inspiring people.

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10 Questions with Will of Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton is a writer and photographer. Adventurer and vagabond. Master of the handstand pushup. Conqueror of mountains, survivor of deserts and crusader for cheap escapades. Will is an avid hitch-hiker, couch-surfer and bargain-seeker. He is a devout follower of the High Temple of Backpackistan and the proud inventor of the man-hug.

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10 Questions with Salla of Mountain State of Mind

Salla, a 32 year old travel & photography blogger from Finland, now living in Denver, Colorado. She moved to United States almost 2 years ago after getting married in Las Vegas. She have always felt anxiety staying in one place for too long, and as a teenager she immediately calmed down staring out from a train or bus window with her headphones on. She inherited her wanderlust from her grandparents, who always kept their suitcases packed just in case they felt like traveling. Her favorite state is New Mexico and the next bigger trips will be New Zealand and Finland. Her happy place is when she can take pictures and when there’s lots of birds.

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