3 Top tips for life on the road

It takes guts to swap your hometown for life on the road.

You’re a born adventurer, which means you’re willing to swap the many comforts of home for a more meagre existence. You’re ready to explore new countries, discover new cultures and broaden your mind.

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Cheap things to do in Sydney

Super fun activities you can do that costs next to nothing in the world’s 10th most expensive city.

Australia has always been known to be among the most expensive countries in the world. In fact, it’s most popular city, Sydney is ranked 10th most expensive city in the whole world. So, why even visit if it costs you an arm? Well, there are still loads of things you can do around here that’s not gonna cost your life savings such as those offers on things to do at Groupon. It’s only a matter of a few compromises and keeping an eye on some freebies which are equally worthwhile.

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Things to remember when wild camping in Scotland

Key things to remember when you plan your wild camping trip in Scotland.

Nowadays, when people think about going camping, they often expect some amenities such as showers, toilets, and pods with electrical hookups. The true essence of camping is slowly getting neglected as people prefer urban living than wild adventures.

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Things to do before going off the grid

Want to know how to get started going off grid? Take a look at these essential tools

Within the last decade, it has been estimated that a massive 1.7 billion people live off-grid worldwide. Interest is clearly growing in communities that are completely self-sufficient. Particularly as areas that need to rely on foreign gas imports do not have a definite future supply, as political relations deteriorate and place a strain on links to energy supplies.

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How to travel the world on a budget

Here are some tips on how to see the world on a tight budget.

If you like going off the beaten track when exploring new places, a self catering or do-it-yourself (DIY) trip might be the right choice for you. Unlike some tourists, if you don’t settle for sitting by the pool all night and you want to experience the culture, taste the local cuisine, and explore the secret trails, you will need to create a detailed budget to make sure your money will take you as far as you want to get. Smart travelers dig sweet deals from dealsdaddy and huge discounts from hotdiscountcode to maximize their travel budgets.

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How to choose the right car for your road trip

Here are a few pointers when deciding the right car for your next road trips.

*This is a sponsored post.

As avid road trippers, my husband and I have gathered a few pointers as to which vehicle is fit for every kind of road trip. Since every trip may differ from another, it may be difficult to pick a car that is best for you. Fret not, folks at cars.com have all the information and resources to help you decide the right car for your next road trips. But, if you have no single idea how choose the best road trip car, here are some pointers.

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7 Things tourists should avoid doing in Singapore

Here are the common things you should avoid doing when you visit Singapore.

Are you planning to travel to Singapore as a tourist? Well, if so, then it is crucial to understand some of the things that can lead you into trouble. Your travel agent at Visa Express may mention some of them, but detailed research may reveal more. This publication will cover the common things you should avoid doing when you visit Singapore.

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Helpful tips before taking a road trip with an electric car

Here are some tips that you may find handy when hitting the road with an Electric Vehicle.

As a traveler and nature lover, I am often conflicted to pursue my passion to travel and help save the environment. It is undeniable that every plane, bus, train and many other vehicles I take entails a substantial amount of footprint that contributes to the deterioration of Mother Earth. Obviously, air travel is the largest part of the world’s carbon footprint but car use is much more dominant due to the number of cars operating around the world. People are used to drive around with their diesel-fueler cars so, there may not be a lot options back then… until the invention of Electric Vehicles (EV).

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How to find the cheapest flights

Here are the top creative ways to find a cheap flight ticket.

In case you didn’t know, airline travel is notoriously expensive. The cost of the average flight is only likely to grow in the future, especially if fuel costs continue to rise. While you’re going to have to pay money for a flight no matter what, the good news is you can pay an amount well below this average if you are aware of some basic creative cost saving tips.

Here are the top creative ways to find a cheap flight ticket.

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How to become a smarter globetrotter

Here are some simple tips to help you switch off and relax on your vacation.

We all do it. We dream about heading off on our perfect vacation for months. We book the time off and fly to a far-flung destination, where we proceed to spend more time checking out our Facebook page than we do the sights! That’s one of the most common travel mistakes. It’s madness. It’s like some of us are incapable of switching off and living in the real world, and it’s stopping us from really relaxing on our vacations, which is surely the whole point of taking a holiday anyway!

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