3 Reasons to turn traveling into a holiday

Going on an adventure is a fantastic way to explore the world and spend your holidays, but most adventures are tourist traps that cost exorbitant amounts of money and they end up being bland and repetitive experiences that are far too predictable. Fancy hotel, expensive food, museums and tours—it’s the same old thing no matter what country you go and it can get incredibly boring even with all the wonderful culture and tradition in each country.

If you feel like your holidays have become unfulfilling, then why not consider a holiday that is based around travelling? This could be anything from a boat trip, a train holiday or even a cruise. They can be budget experiences where you can explore countries, or they can be expensive and well-planned experiences that are full of luxury amenities. Whatever you decide, here are a couple of reasons why you should base your next holiday around travelling.

Explore on a budget

One of the best things about turning travel into a holiday is the ability to save a lot of money. For instance, instead of taking a plane to a country and then spending extra money on tourist attractions, hotels and food, most travel holidays are either all-inclusive or they give you flexibility. For instance, you could compare boat rental prices and save up to 50% if you want a private holiday on a boat, exploring whatever body of water you choose to. Alternatively, you could pay extra money and go on a cruise that’s filled with entertainment, shopping and all kinds of nightlife. If you want to save even more money, you could go on a road trip with your friends as long as someone is willing to drive. This will give you plenty of time to explore whatever you’d like, you can plan a road trip from home and travel to any destinations you want.

See more sights and sounds

One of the greatest things about turning travel into a holiday is that you see more of the world. When you go on tourist attractions, you’ll most likely run into other tourists, pay ridiculous amounts of money to see things and you don’t get to experience the culture and traditional of a country through the eyes of locals. For instance, if you go on a backpacking adventure with your friends and family, then you’ll get to sleep and eat in areas that the locals do instead of sparkling hotels with western comforts. This isn’t for everyone, but if you want to get deep into a country’s culture, then you need to explore it through the eyes of a local, not a tourist!

Discover beauty

Whether you plan to go on a rail journey through Europe or a road trip across America, you’ll be exposed to plenty of natural beauty that isn’t always possible from the high windows of a hotel. One of the most important things about travelling is saving your experiences, and when you travel for the sake of travelling and not to sleep in fancy hotels or eat at expensive restaurants, you’ll discover so many new things about the world.

Travelling? Don’t blow all your green on cuisine!

For a lot of people, one of the great pleasures of going on a vacation is experiencing the food of a new location. There will be exotic delicacies and simple local recipes, world-famous restaurants, and lavish room service at hotels. But the problem with all of this – as many eager travellers will probably tell you, and that you’ve probably already experienced for yourself – is that your food budget on vacation can get pretty overwhelming.

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5 Tips for more authentic travel experiences

For many people who have a potent thirst for adventure, the point of travelling is to visit a country and leave feeling like you really experienced the true spirit of the destination. Unfortunately, unless you know a lot of local people, it can be easy to get looped into a more manufactured, “touristy” experience while you’re out there. Despite what you may think, there’s no set personality type that will lead to a more authentic experience. Anyone can get closer to the heart of a destination with the right approach. If you want your next travel experience to be more raw and authentic, here are a few pointers to help you along.

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