4 Lessons the pandemic has taught me

I’ve never thought I’d live to see the world fall to its knees. The world as we know has changed. Since a few months ago, we have entered into a new normal – social distancing, mandatory wearing of masks, distance learning, working from home, etc.  In consequence, the world economy came crashing down, families broke apart, mental health issues arisen, lifelong plans fell through…

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Inspiring travel resolutions, tips and stories

Care for a travel resolution? I know it’s only August and we are yet to get through with autumn and a part of winter but today is as good a time as any. Travel resolutions may be superfluous but marrying these two words doubles the impression. A wonderful way to motivate yourself to start a year full of wander is booking a winter walking holiday before January comes along. I truly believe that it pays to plan ahead so, you will be all set before the year begins.

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How to keep your inner child alive when you travel

For most people who travel, it is about discovering new places and understand new cultures. But what makes the experience truly unforgettable is the ability to keep your sense of amazement alive. It’s what psychologists call your inner child. It’s often said that you should watch the world through the eye of a child because you can continue to marvel about everything you see.

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