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Top 6 cities to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a full package of some beautiful beaches, ancient temples, forest covered mountains, and upgraded transportation infrastructure. All this has made Vietnam a center of attraction and one the most visited place for tourists from past few decades. You would love to see both the highly modernized places with the most advanced architectural designing along with some amazing historic places with some great past stories behind them. All in all, you can say Vietnam is a land of some incredible landscapes and very famous for its lush rice terraces which attracts tourists the most.

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7 Sights in Vietnam that deserve a place on your bucket list

Vietnam is a country with an exceptionally rich history, but most of what we hear about occurred within the last century. In actuality, it has an incredibly complex dynastic history, and it’s full of beautiful palaces and interesting landscapes as a result. The locals are some of the most friendly around, and the sights, sounds, and flavors will make you never want to leave. If you’ve got a trip to Vietnam set in your sights, be sure to tick these amazing places off your bucket list.

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