Thrilling whitewater rafting and ATV tour in Thailand

Chiang Mai is a thrill seeker’s dream. From trekking to ATV to zip lining to white water rafting, there are tons of activities for adrenaline junkies. So, after days of temple hopping and series of massages, I was ready to embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure myself.

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Ethical visit to the elephants of Chiang Mai

Is visiting an elephant camp ethical? Should I visit one? The ethics of elephant tourism are shrouded in controversy, much like the ethics of visiting the Long neck tribe. Several visitors travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand to experience personal encounters with the elephants. However, not all may visit in an ethical manner.

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Major hideaways and romantic retreats in Thailand

Thailand’s remote islands and small towns are testaments that there are still some idyllic corners left in the world. With the utmost level of serenity and adventures perfected by prestigious rentals in Thailand, holidays to this heaven-on-earth destination is potentially one of the most refreshing and magical  trip you’ll ever have.

On that note, I’ve rounded up an a great selection of hideaways and romantic retreats in Thailand.

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