10 Questions with Carly of Girl Out-of-Bounds

Carly is a travel and lifestyle blogger, and last year she quit my job as a paramedic in Canada and moved back to the UK. Now, she lives life as an expat (with her puppy!) and use her home in NW England as a base for exploring Europe, and the world! She likes to explore as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible, drink good wine and experience local culture.

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10 Questions with Ria of Life in Big Tent

Ria was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and lived there for most of her life. She moved to Indonesia after being selected for Darmasiswa scholarship and after 1 year program, she decided to stay there longer and travel around Indonesia and other Asian countries. So far, she has traveled to 23 countries by hitchhiking and Interrail. She has participated in international youth exchanges, visited friends who abroad and now discovering new places.

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10 Questions with Jolene of Wanderlust Storytellers

Jolene is originally from South Africa, now living in Australia, Jolene is a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters. Together with her family, she is embarking on a journey towards changing her current stress-filled life to one focusing on her dreams and her passion for travel. Wanderlust Storytellers is a family travel blog focusing on inspiring families to explore wonders of the world in a more mindful manner.

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10 Questions with Carly of Let Us Wanderlust!

Carly is an eternal wanderer, forever seeking new places and new adventures. She loves sharing her travel stories and tips that she learns along the way. Aside from travel, she loves to write and her weakness for fabulous outfits and pretty things knows no bounds!

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10 Questions with Shayan of Dose of Life

Shayan was born in Islamabad, Pakistan but raised in Thailand. Growing up, studying and now working in Bangkok, he’s got a pulse of the city in his veins. He currently works full time at the Asian Institute of Technology as a Marketing Manager and also freelances as a marketing consultant and writer for companies around Bangkok. However, this doesn’t deter him of fulfilling his adventurous persona as he always makes time to visit the next big event, dive into oceans, climb rocks or practice his parkour skills. He shares the love of travel with his wife Kanika.

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