10 Pictures that will make you want to buy a GoPro

There has been enough debate whether a GoPro camera would make a good travel camera. GoPro’s size, shape and quality make it an attractive travel camera especially for adventurous travelers. It’s lightweight which is one of the main reasons why it is loved by many. You can wear it around your chest or mount it on a helmet so you can capture the view hands-free. To achieve a smoother footage, you’ll need a GoPro gimbal. It offers that stabilization to capture smooth moving action shots instead of trying to manually hold the device and not juddering/shaking.

Here are some breathtaking pictures that should help justify spending your hard earned money on a GoPro.

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That time I went to Jupiter and never wanted to leave

When most people think of Jupiter, some of the first things that will pop into their mind are the rich and famous, who like to buy mansions over on nearby Jupiter Island. Jupiter’s famous lighthouse is another thing that may pop into your mind, located over on the inlet, having led boats safely into the Loxahatchee River for the last 150 years. Nearby Jupiter resident Burt Reynolds may also pop into your mind, as Jupiter is home to a park bearing his name and was formerly home to a museum of his life. Or if you’re really not familiar with this area, you’ll probably just think of the planet.

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