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I’m no fortune teller but I’m pretty sure your wanderlust and sense of adventure led you to this travel blog. If you are looking for travel inspiration from a small town girl juggling work and travel then, you have come to the right place.

profile circleI’m from the tropical paradise of Bantayan Island, Philippines. I work for a “Fortune 500 Company” as a Software Engineer for over 5 years now BUT I am not here to talk about C++, Object Oriented Programming, Dr Watsons and other geeky stuffs in fact, I will make sure you will hear none of it in this blog (lucky you). I am here to be your travel guide to off-the-beaten-track places, backpacker life, touristy things and maybe luxury destinations (because why not!). Learn more about me here.

Put your adventure goggles on and read on! Happy travels and cheers to wanderlust

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25 March 2020
Locked down in New Zealand
Due to Level 4 restrictions implemented by NZ government, our flights out of NZ had been cancelled. We had a few days to sort out our exit but finally, we decided to stay put for many reasons. We are still allowed to do outdoor activities as long as we practice social distancing. We are in South Island, happily ‘locked down’ next to a beautiful lake.