3 Helpful tips for your first skiing trip

Like a lot of avid travellers, you may have wanted to go skiing for a long time, but never got around to making a big trip happen. While a ski trip can be as unforgettable as any other new travel experience, it’s very different to simply heading out to a city or region and seeing the sights. To make sure yours is a blast, here are some tips for making your first ski trip one to remember.

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3 Simple tips to make your next travel experience more rewarding

Everyone should try and go traveling at least once in their life. There’s something so amazing about going out into the big wide world and finding things you never knew existed. One day you could be at work in your boring office, and the next you could be on the other side of the world on some tropical island.

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How to keep your inner child alive when you travel

For most people who travel, it is about discovering new places and understand new cultures. But what makes the experience truly unforgettable is the ability to keep your sense of amazement alive. It’s what psychologists call your inner child. It’s often said that you should watch the world through the eye of a child because you can continue to marvel about everything you see.

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10 Pictures that will make you want to buy a GoPro

There has been enough debate whether a GoPro camera would make a good travel camera. GoPro’s size, shape and quality make it an attractive travel camera especially for adventurous travelers. It’s lightweight which is one of the main reasons why it is loved by many. You can wear it around your chest or mount it on a helmet so you can capture the view hands-free. To achieve a smoother footage, you’ll need a GoPro gimbal. It offers that stabilization to capture smooth moving action shots instead of trying to manually hold the device and not juddering/shaking.

Here are some breathtaking pictures that should help justify spending your hard earned money on a GoPro.

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5 Tips for more authentic travel experiences

For many people who have a potent thirst for adventure, the point of travelling is to visit a country and leave feeling like you really experienced the true spirit of the destination. Unfortunately, unless you know a lot of local people, it can be easy to get looped into a more manufactured, “touristy” experience while you’re out there. Despite what you may think, there’s no set personality type that will lead to a more authentic experience. Anyone can get closer to the heart of a destination with the right approach. If you want your next travel experience to be more raw and authentic, here are a few pointers to help you along.

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