Making the most of 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur

I love long layovers. Yes, big surprise. By long layovers, I mean those that can turn into a few days transit in a foreign country. On my way back to the Philippines from Bali, my cheapest option was to make a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a city that I’ve never been so, I might as well make lemonade out of it. I booked my flights by segments and arranged to have a 2-day stop in KL. It was made more exciting when my long time friends based in Singapore made a kind gesture to join me on this quick stopover.

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Is Legoland fun for adults without kids?

I have been transiting through Singapore almost every time I travel around Asia. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that I have seen the best (and worst?) of it. On my recent trip to Indonesia, with a couple of days stop over in Singapore, I decided to go OUT for a change. I have two of my bestest friends who are now based in Singapore to travel with me to Johor Bahru, a neighboring Malaysian city, where Legoland is.

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