One of the things a digital nomad can’t live without

Being a globetrotter demands its fair share of accessories to make your traveling life more manageable. There are power adapters, travel-size personal care products, and all sorts of gadgets to help you pack neatly and quickly. But perhaps the most important thing to bring on your travels is the right pair of glasses or sunglasses.  

Making do while on the road is just a part of traveling. You can live without that favorite pair of pants, or your best hairbrush, forgotten and gathering dust in your bathroom. But glasses and/or great sunglasses are indeed essentials that you can’t easily replace.  

See More Clearly

Seeing the sights is a big part of why you are traveling. You might think you see just fine, but the brain adapts to vision changes that happen over time. You want your vision to be at its very best to take in all the amazing things you will see while traveling.  

It has never been easier to get new glasses, thanks to online shopping. Some online stores even have excellent customer service. There are so many styles to choose from! Whether you are looking for a pair of shades to wear on the beach or for new specs that let you view your world with absolute clarity, there is something for you.  

What impression do your glasses make? 

Make a Great First Impression

You never know who you will meet as a digital nomad. The person next to you on the train might be your next freelance job. The person you meet and click with at the hostel might just become your romantic partner.  

Think about all the accessories you own. Think about your clothes. You create all kinds of distinct looks by mixing and matching them. But chances are your glasses, or your quality sunglasses, don’t change from day-to-day.  

Think about the impression they are making on the people you meet.  What do your glasses or sunglasses say about you?  If it isn’t the right thing, it might be time for the perfect pair before you go.  

Contacts aren’t recommended on a plane. 

Glasses are Easier than Contacts

You might be a contact person at home. You might love the freedom of wearing different pairs of sunglasses every day or wearing goggles at the pool. But things are a little different when you are traveling.  

Oftentimes, you don’t know what your bathroom will look like from night-to-night. Many hostels and low-cost hotels have shared bathrooms, often without any counter space. Do you want to manage your contacts while balancing your case and fluid on the edge of a sink? And let’s be honest, sometimes hostels are a little grimy. Why risk getting something in your eye?  

Also, contacts aren’t recommended on long flights, where the recirculated air will dry out the lenses. And most webpages on the subject recommend bringing your own contact solution, in case you can’t get the right brand when you are traveling. Save yourself the hassle. You can slip your glasses on first thing and be ready to go.  

All in all, it might just be time to update that prescription before jumping on the plane, train, or in the car. You will thank yourself when you see that landscape or monument perfectly clearly.  

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