Life-saving hacks to conquer the mighty Matterhorn

As fun as hiking sounds, it is an experience that requires a lot of planning in advance. Switzerland is one of many places where people take a huge interest in hiking. Hiking is all about being prepared for anything, and having enough supplies for you to use, when things don’t work out perfectly.

In Switzerland, Matterhorn is a hiker’s paradise although, getting there is not an easy job. To conquer Matterhorn, you will need to head first to Zermatt, the closest village to the base of the Matterhorn. Take the train from Geneva to Zermatt with transfers in Visp. Once you are there, you will then need to know the following tips and life-saving hacks, which will definitely make your hiking experience, a lot pleasant and will save you from those “I-wish-I-knew-this-earlier” moments.

Matterhorn with doggie
Made some friends along the way…

1. Having a Tent

Hiking in Matterhorn is not a piece of cake. It is long, time-consuming hike, and you must be prepared for it. As it might already be obvious, Matterhorn can be anywhere from an 8 to 12-hour hike, so being prepared is essential. It is impossible for anyone to hike the entire Matterhorn trail in a day, so it is necessary that you carry a tent with you in your backpack. You will need to take refuge somewhere, because you will obviously be tired. Having a small tent, enough for one to two persons, is ideal for a hiking journey like Matterhorn. If carrying a tent is out of option, you may spend the night in one of the mountain huts along the trail. Although, this option needs prior reservations especially during hiking season.

2. Invest in Good Quality Shoes

Matterhorn is a difficult trail, so you must make sure that your shoes are not getting in the way of stopping you. Make sure you are investing in a good pair of trailing or hiker’s shoes.

Matterhorn Start
On my way up!

The shoes should be able to withstand a lot of damage and wear and tear. You cannot rely on cheap and poor-quality shoes, because they will add to the hindrance and your pleasant experience will turn into something you wished you had prepared for beforehand. So, to make sure that you enjoy the trip and not keep on worrying about your shoes, then it is a good idea to invest in a pair of decent quality shoes.

3. Don’t Get Lost

One of the worst things a hiker has to go through is getting lost or getting off-trail. This is extremely frustrating and can waste a lot of time. To prevent this from happening, make sure you carry a map with you, which has the hiking trail marked on it for convenience.

Matterhorn Directions.jpg

The last thing you want to do is to get lost, so save yourself from the agony and carry a hiking map for easy directions.

4. Ample Food and Water

There have been a lot of incidents where hikers become dehydrated (or even die, God forbid) due to food shortage. This is a serious matter that no one should take lightly. You should always be prepared and carry ample amounts of food and water with you. A great thing to learn on hiking is, to ration your supplies and opt for foods that keep your blood sugar levels and metabolism up, so that you don’t run out of energy. Being lethargic and weak on a difficult hike is not a good sign.

Watching Matterhorn.jpg

These are simple, easy yet crucial preparation tips for those of you who plan to conquer the Matterhorn. As a beginner, I highly suggest that you don’t go alone for safety reasons. So, grab a friend or two along. After all, best memories are made with the best people. Good luck!

6 responses to “Life-saving hacks to conquer the mighty Matterhorn”

  1. Emmanuel Roussel Avatar

    Awesome tips! I am currently planning a trip to Zermatt and hopefully, I will find courage to climb the Matterhorn. I’m glad to stumble upon your post, it is definitely helpful for me to prepare! I look forward to your upcoming posts…. Cheers!


    1. Hey Emmanuel, thanks for dropping by. I was scared to go alone, too. But, for some reasons, the Matterhorn’s beauty will definitely give you that ultimate push to climb it. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip, good luck!


    2. Don’t be scared bro. There will be a few other hikers along the way. You can even tag along sometimes. Don’t forget to regularly check the weather because there can be sudden rain showers even during a clear day. Take care and have fun!


      1. I complete agree, keep an eye on the weather forecast. The weather can be temperamental at times.


  2. I love your pictures! My husband and I plan to hike the Matterhorn as well. Or at least up to the base. Are there any camps or refuge at the base?


    1. There is a refuge right on the base of Matterhorn, in Schwarztee. It is also the terminus of the cable cars 🙂


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