Top 6 day trips in Belgium

Belgium is a wonderland for all chocolate and beer lovers. Indeed, there is no place satisfies the craving for these two better than Belgium. I hope I didn’t make you crave for Godiva and Lindt. However, Belgium is not just about chocolates and beers, there is a lot more that it offers. It has a number of amazing, beautiful, exclusive and historic places  that you wouldn’t want to miss on your day trip. Plus, the people there are super friendly and polite which is an added factor.

So, if you are considering to visit this amazingly diversified country and want to ensure that you have made the most of your day trip, have a look at the list below.



When you are visiting Belgium, you just cannot skip this metropolitan place because it’s not only the capital of Belgium but also of Europe. Thus, you must explore the terrace cafés and pubs here. You should definitely visit the The Atomium which is known as the Eiffel tower of Brussels. It was originally just build for the Brussels World’s fair but then became a permanent thing, plus 3 of its 9 spheres can be entered. So, don’t miss the chance to experience this iron crystal here.


Dinant is a city in Belgium that has steep cliffs and is located at the banks of the Meuse River. It’s a place you surely can’t afford to miss if you are a fan of caves, hilltop castles, sax phone, boating and hillside. It has a few places you need to check out. There’s the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, the church that is built at the place where the famous Romanesque church used to be and also has the sandstone doorway from the old church. There is also the Adolphe Sax Museum and Castle of Freÿr and the boating at the Meuse river. Plus, if you are visiting in August, make sure you don’t miss the bathtub regatta, it’s a festival you must experience.



If you are a fan of gondolas and canals, you surely can’t miss out on this city. Plus, if you love architecture, you just cannot skip the burg square here as it’s a place surrounded with diversified styles of architecture like renaissance, gothic, neo-classicist and etc which clearly speak about the history of the Bruges. Plus, there’s a chocolate museum by the name Choco-story where chocolate making process is shown so, make sure you take your kids there.



The third largest city in Belgium, Liege seems a bit different from other cities of the country and for good reasons. You can visit art galleries, museums, and amazing medieval buildings. One thing is for sure, your day trip will be packed with awe and excitement.


While Antwerp is highlighted for having the largest port in the world, its amazing architecture, art pieces, historic monuments and diamond districts should not be overlooked. You surely cannot afford to miss out seeing the amazing piece of architecture, gothic Cathedral of Our Lady and the Saint Paul’s church. You may also have a fun day out at the diamond district which is a hub for trading diamonds or the Rubens House for some amazing painting.



The rich past of the Ghent can be seen in the buildings and the trader’s houses like the way they are built and their architecture speaks for itself. When here, you must visit the Belfry of Ghent as it will give you a chance to experience a panoramic view of the city. Pop over to Korenmarkt as it’s a very famous pedestrian shopping place.

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  1. Susan Thomas says:

    Brugges is one of my favorite cities. Very beautiful architectures and canal. I would prefer Brugges over Brussels any day.


    1. Sarah B. says:

      Mine too, I was completely in awe. We ran out of things to do in Brussels so we asked the locals where can we go within one hour travel. They recommended Brugges. So glad we had the opportunity to visit such a beautiful city.


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