Why Portugal is a trending destination in 2019

Want to delve into the medieval history and architecture, while also having the pleasure of captivating scenery, breathtaking beaches and delectable cuisine? Then, Portugal should definitely be on top of your must-go list this year. In 2017 alone, Portugal welcomed 20 million visitors – double the country’s current population. Can you imagine the tourism boom? Well, if you are still unconvinced, then by all means, read on.

  1. Ancient Castles… Everywhere

It is said that there are too many castles in Portugal everywhere. It has the same border since the 11th century and it makes Portugal the oldest country of Europe. This also means you will be able to see the glory of the past, ancient castles, buildings and other structures. Guimarães, Coimbra University and Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon are worth visiting.

  1. The Santos Festivities

Santos Portugal.png

In June every year, Portugal gets to celebrate the festivities of the three popular saints. There is a lot of life, hustle and bustle, parades, weddings and traditional street dances. From early morning to late night, there is a lot of enjoyment and fun. People from many other countries come just to participate in the event.

  1. The Darn Good Coffee

Just like wine, Portugal is quite famous for producing the best coffee in the world. If you want to get the best value for your money in coffee, there is no other place better than Portugal. And it is really cheap. You can get a cup of quality rich coffee in just one EUR.

  1. The Gorgeous Beaches

Portugal Beaches.JPG

Comporta and Figueirinha are among the most gorgeous and amazing beaches of Portugal in the west coast of the country. The country has over 100 beaches and they are all amazing. You may find the water a bit cold but at the end of the day, everything will be fine.

  1. The Best Wine

It is believed if you want to enjoy the finest wine in the world, visit Portugal. The reason is it is the most ancient tradition of the country to produce wine. The exquisite flavor and rich quality of the Portuguese wine is making it recognized all over the world. You can’t wait anymore to visit Portugal if you a fan of quality and old wine.

  1. The Uber Fresh Fish

You will be stunned to know Portugal has an 800 km coast that makes it the fish friendly country in Europe. The prices are so cheap that you will start laughing. Everywhere, there is fish and that of great quality and super tasty. You should visit Portugal for just this reason is you love quality fish.

  1. You Will Love Pretty Porto


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and it has renewed itself in the recent years. The city is connecting Europe with Portugal and people here are really friendly and people loving. The river, canals and the beauty of the city makes it a top-notch place for any tourist.

  1. And the Nightlife in Portugal

The nightlife in Portugal is just amazing and worth enjoying. Portuguese people know very well how to do parties and they do all the night. You will see party scenes everywhere. The nightclubs are always open and full of tourists as well as local giving a new life to the cities.

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