Party your way around the world with Clubbable

Lately, my husband and I have been enjoying our sweet life in beautiful suites and exclusive floor access to luxury hotels around the world. Perhaps, it’s time we try out VIP clubbing as well.

The dilemma of nomadic people like us is that it is arduous to make connections when we’re moving all the time. So, if we want access to VIP clubs like in The Box or Cirque Le Soir, we’ll have to make connections with local club promoters to be in the VIP list, which is close to impossible. Or, we book ourselves our own VIP table which is just impractical and boring. Fortunately, a trendy clubbing app has graced our time to aid people like us. This app is called Clubabble.

Clubbale App

Self-proclaimed ‘Mark Zuckerberg of Nightlife’, Mangus Ahlin hailing from Sweden is extremely euphoric of all the positive remarks of his app from the hottest clubs and promoters. He can even share exclusive access to future app features that will shift the paradigm of how to go out partying.

How it works

It’s pretty straightforward. You only have to create a group with your party crew in it. Choose the date, send the invites and select a few clubs for options. Then, you can either request guest list or why not book your own VIP table.

Clubabble MyParties

If you book your own table, everything you need will be arranged before your arrival. However, if you’d rather choose to request guest list, the promoters around town will send you offers.

Clubbable chat

Tons of perks include gratis entrance to the club, drinks on the house, pre-drinks, skip-the-line privilege and sometimes even luxury transport and dinner. You can discuss in your group to pick who’s got the best offer, accept the invitation and get the ball rolling!

Join VIP table

The latest feature out now is called ‘Join VIP table‘ in which people with VIP table can invite other Clubabble app users to join in. Once the invited group accepts, a chat panel becomes available so both groups can iron out the details of the rendezvous before heading out to the club. This is a convenient upgrade of a regular guest list application as both groups can take the edge off before partying.

Party friends

It’s a great way to meet new friends and expand your circle. Imagine a group date with likeminded people – totally a great way to stay in the party vibe! So, when it’s prime time, all of you can skip the line and head straight into your VIP table. Then, later on, the opposing feature will make way for guest list groups to invite themselves in into the VIP table through ‘request to join VIP table’ to secure the spot.

Your night will be all planned out using the app so you can just focus on the fun. Exclusive VIPs table are hard to get by these days especially in London and Cannes. So, you have to touch base with the club a couple nights before or get connections through a promoter. If you are new to the city or just vacationing, it’s rare to get connections with promoters so quickly so your chance of entering a VIP club is non-existent. This is where Clubabble app comes in handy. You just have to register yourself into the app and wait to get invited or better yet, invite yourselves in!

With Clubbable, the power of the party is in the hands of the party people itself. You can choose who exactly to party with and expect a hype ambiance for VIP clubbing night – all in the tips of your fingers.

Share your thoughts. I would love to hear them!

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