Amari Watergate as an oasis in the heart of Bangkok

Considering Thailand is one of my favorite countries, I lost count as to how many times I’ve been over to this beautiful nation. Flying over to its capital is almost inevitable as Bangkok is the main entry and exit point to the rest of Thailand. Almost every visit, I would always find myself in Pratunam or Watergate as this is where my husband do his business affairs. Alighting at the long tail boat, there is that one piece of eye candy that catches our attention – the Amari Watergate Bangkok. It sits so perfectly in the very heart of the business and shopping district of Bangkok that it is literally a few steps away to where my husband conducts business and the airport train. Its prime location alone has convinced us to book a stay before flying back to Paris.

Coming back from our diving trip in Komodo National Park, we were in dire need of some of comfort and luxury. Spoiler alert, Amari spoilt us rotten!

The moment we entered the ground lobby, we were instantly wowed by its grandiose interior design. We were then taken to the 32nd floor for our private check in. It was breezy and straightforward with a bonus of the beautiful Bangkok skyline. Since we were booked for the Executive Club room, a ton of benefits came along with it such as late check out, exclusive breakfast buffet, all day snacks and beverages,ย pillows of our choice and the biggest highlight, the happy hour. This goes without saying but let me say it anyway. We love the club life!

But that’s not all, as I haven’t even talked about our luxurious Executive Room yet. We had an amazing king-sized with tons of pillows to choose from, a huge flat screen TV with loads of premium channels, a corner office space, and ensuite bathroom that opens up to the rest of the room.

The recent renovations has brought subtle hints of Thai decors and colors while fusing with contemporary elements.

Breakfasts and happy hours were always something we look forward to. We are just drowned in happiness to idea of an exclusive buffet ย and cocktail hours with premium options.

We only have high praises to the staff as they were always at our beck and call 24/7. They remembered our names even down to our food and beverage choices. We were truly impressed of their dedication and hard work. Kudos!

There are other excellent amenities at Amari Watergate aside from its glorious Executive Lounge such as the outdoor pool, breeze spa, in-house restaurants and even retails shops.

With the beautiful interiors, killer views, amazing staffs, great food, awesome Executive Lounge and most of all, its perfect location, nothing beats the Amari Watergate Bangkok. I am looking forward to my next stay already!

16 thoughts on “Amari Watergate as an oasis in the heart of Bangkok

  1. MyVeteranWoman

    I was fortunate to be able to visit Bangkok several years ago and actually stayed at this hotel! Thailand is a beautiful country full of so much culture and history. The hotel was amazing as well. Can’t wait to visit again someday.


  2. ana (@Faded_Spring)

    I can see why you are looking forward to your next stay already; I knew that Thailand was beautiful but my goodness you are right in saying that Watergate is an oasis it is absolutely stunning. I love the look of the skyline over Bangkok and the executive room is absolutely stunning as well!


  3. Kemi

    Those complimentary snacks got me! I’m a sucker for sweet and savoury snacks and coupled with a late check out, I’d be hooked too. I hate having to rush to check out in the morning. Lovely room and decor too.


  4. Sigrid Says Blog

    Whoa! I have never been to Bangkok before. If ever we will go on a trip there as a family, I will certainly check out Amari. My kids love nice hotels.


  5. Rachel

    Oh my gosh – this looks and sounds wonderfully luxurious. And all the benefits that came with your room sound lovely! I love a good buffet, so can understand your excitement for breakfast. And I love the decor, very stylish, crisp adn clean.


  6. Komal

    That hotel is beautiful! Since you have traveled there so many times, what would you say is your most favorite place there?


  7. toastycritic

    That executive room does look pretty awesome. My daughter would love that. She loves the idea of having that kind of entrance room into the hotel. I just think it all looks great.



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