Helpful tips before taking a road trip with an electric car

As a traveler and nature lover, I am often conflicted to pursue my passion to travel and help save the environment. It is undeniable that every plane, bus, train and many other vehicles I take entails a substantial amount of footprint that contributes to the deterioration of Mother Earth. Obviously, air travel is the largest part of the world’s carbon footprint but car use is much more dominant due to the number of cars operating around the world. People are used to drive around with their diesel-fueler cars so, there may not be a lot options back then… until the invention of Electric Vehicles (EV).

A couple years back, one can only count the number of electric car models in one hand. Now, there are tons of models available from different brands – depending on size, style, price and power. As of now, there are still certain limitations as to the distance covered by each full charge however, there has been interesting initiatives underway such as NewMotion chargepoint that caters to a wide range of electric vehicle enthusiasts and industries. Consequently, it has brought a paradigm shift towards eco-friendly means of transport and boom of the public charging network. With these groundbreaking charging stations sprouting like mushrooms, EVs gain even much more interest of both users and non-users of this sustainable and eco-friendly means of transportation.

New Motion.jpg

If you are keen to hit the road with an EV, consider it as stepping outside of your comfort zone but, you may be surprised how smoothly your trip can go. Here are some tips that you may find handy when hitting the road with an EV:

  • As with every trip, you need to take a little advanced planning to map your route that allows easy access to charging stations.
  • You may also opt for EVs with longer powertrains to worry less about recharging, especially when going away from big cities.
  • Drive slow. Taking the motorway may eat out almost double energy than secondary roads.

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