5 Reasons why you should visit Qatar

Qatar is a wonderful place to visit, even though some might argue it’s harsh weather conditions are not worth the trouble. They are wrong, and you’d only be robbing yourself of the great experience. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to visit it, and the friendly visa requirements make the decision that much easier. So, let’s analyze them and outline the specific places of interest you should definitely not miss!

  1. Ease of access

Did you know that Qatar can easily be accessed from most countries, requiring only a plane trip that is merely 6-7 hours long? If you plan your trip and book a plane ticket several months in advance, you can also get quite a substantial discount. After you’re there, you can either explore it on your own, or take a tour by hiring one of the several service providers in the area. And if you decide to visit during the winter months, the weather will be pleasant, which makes for a perfect timing to come around and do some sight-seeing.

  1. Cultural diversity

Since Qatar is located in the Middle East, you can expect to see some cultural diversity quite unlike anywhere else. It’s the point where the west meets the east, and this shows on the architecture, ethnicities, and the rich selection of food you can expect to find there.

  1. Kindness and hospitality

Everyone who visits Qatar reports the same thing: the people who live there are kind and hospitable. In fact, if you stop by the main city, you will see plenty of therapists and 5-star hotels like the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha. While you’re in the area, you will never run out of things to do, since several spas, shopping malls, restaurants, and other points of interest are literally just around the corner.

  1. It’s the perfect adventurer’s escape

Have you ever wanted to explore the vastness of Qatar’s deserts? How about stopping by its beaches and engaging in water sports like scuba diving? If you’re the peaceful explorer who likes to take things slowly, that’s fine too. In that case, why not visit Katara Cultural Village and other places that aren’t exactly in the center of all the tourist action? If you’re still out of ideas, you can always just take a stroll down the busy city streets and admire its stunning architecture.

  1. Food

Did we mention the vast array of different food choices Qatar can offer you? This cannot possibly be overstated. The vegetarians among you will surely enjoy the papaya salad, while the rest will bask in the delicious mixed grills or the mouth-watering continental brunches. If you can’t continue your day without a cup of coffee, then sampling the finest Turkish coffee you can find will prove to be more than sufficient to fulfill that caffeine desire of yours.


Qatar is a wonderful place, let no-one convince you otherwise. If you’re careful to avoid visiting during the hottest months, the weather will not give you any trouble whatsoever. The rest it can offer you will make you want to come around once again, and as soon as you’re able to see its wonders from up close, you’ll quickly understand why.

One response to “5 Reasons why you should visit Qatar”

  1. I 100% agree with everything in this! My dad works in Doha Qatar for work and it really is to most beautiful place ever. The sea is such a beautiful colour and the Souq is full of culture. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂


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